GGD Recommends

I'm hoping to build this up soon, but I'd rather have a nice, neat list of the people and places I like, than bonk you over the head with ads.  (Yes -- in certain cases, I get commission. But hopefully you know me well enough by now that you know I don't talk about things I don't like, use or believe in ::grin:: if you have questions about these folks or want to discuss being listed, you can email me: ggdATgeekgirldivaDOTcom )

Bath and Body

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is, without a doubt, my biggest addiction when it comes to things that smell good. In short, they make perfume oils. But they also make so much more than that. You'll just have to trust me and click thorough to check them out ;-)

LUSH Cosmetics. Oh Lush. I need to say it? If you know who they are, you know how awesome they are. If you don't, get to clicking that link!

Luxury Lane Soap is my stop for goodies from Han Solo in Carbonite Soap to Hemp soap and everything in between.

Love and Dating

I don't talk about it much, but I met two of the best guys in my life (and longest relationships) online. I can say, from personal experience, that it's possible to meet and connect with someone online and have a great time.

Still, sometimes you need a little help on where and how to look. To that end, I'm pointing you to Geeks Dream Girl.


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