Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, now I have to see #blackhat. Cause, reasons.

These words were what sold me on seeing Blackhat: "Directed and produced by Michael Mann, the film stars Chris Hemsworth". Plus, it's from Legendary and I'm loving everything Legendary is doing these days.

Do I need anything else? Nope!

You can watch the trailer after the break.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hot Topic Funko exclusive Supernatural Castiel with WINGS & a Charlie Bradbury. Day = made.

Considering the fact that I lost my ever loving mind when I realized there was a Hot Topic exclusive version the Supernatural Funko Castiel WITH WINGS, I figure I'd share the news.

Now only does such a thing exists, but they're releasing a Charlie Bradbury as well!

The Castiel is sold out for now but here's the link if you want to keep an eye out for it. As for Charlie, I didn't find her in a Hot Topic search for "Charlie", but I'm hoping she'll be listed soon.

I admit. I have no self control and I hit eBay (Charlie search/Cas search)  to find them both. I bought those things so fast, it should be illegal. But my birthday's coming up and I decided it's a present.

I also found Cas on Amazon  here and Charlie here.

My current squee level is 11. My cheeks hurt from smiling. My day is totally made.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

James Silvani's Draw-A-Saurus is both funny and functional

One of my favorite things about James Silvani's new book Draw-A-Saurus is that, while it's goal is to teach you how to draw a 'saurus (see how that works?), you can still enjoy it if you're a complete artistic luddite.

I know this because I loved it and I can't even draw a decent cube.

Silvani combines real drawing instruction with adorable and hilarious editorial commentary (the "editor" notes are amazing) which makes this book work as both a teaching manual and source of entertainment.

So, whether you want to know how to draw realistic dinosaur armor or you just want to see an Pterodactyl fishing (with a pole), there's something in here for everyone.

At only $14 bucks, I think it's an amazing deal and it's in stock now over at Amazon.

I took a few pictures, they're handheld, but I snapped some stuff I thought you might like.

You can see them after the break.

Monday, September 1, 2014

I have a new favorite German commercial.

Someone over at the Heimat Berlin ad agency in Germany totally gets what it means to be "other" and what some of us might wish for.

They also managed to have a sense of humor and get you right in the feels at the same time.

The best part? It's a home improvement store commercial called Hornbach.

via Bryan Hardbarger


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