Friday, May 24, 2013

We Love Fine Exclusive My Little Pony Derpy Hug Me Backpack Is ADORBZ ::flail::

I'm gonna post the info exactly as I saw it, because OMG WANT. LOOK AT IT OVER THE SHOULDER. ::FLAIL::

WeLoveFine EXCLUSIVE!!  Best Pony Hug Me Backpack!
- Muffin accessory magnetizes to nose and hands
- Fits adults ages 13+ (from a Juniors Small to a Mens 3XL)
- Like giving your favorite, most awesome friend a piggy back ride
- Adjustable straps (extends to 35").
- Pocket depth: 5" (enough room for your phone, keys, wallet)
- Pocket width: 5"
- Bag height (Ear to Toe): 24"

Here's the link to the product page. You can check out all the WLF Hug Me Backpacks here. I'm gonna post more pics for fun.

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