Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Win A Snow White & The Huntsman Prize Pack!

When I first saw the info on Snow White and The Huntsman, I admit, I said "Meh". I, personally, am not a Kristen Stewart fan. So I was ready to pass it by.

Then a few things happened.

1) I saw the trailer. More specifically, I saw Charlize Theron and the effects and the overall feel of the move and I found myself intrigued.

2) I started watching more of the advertising. I saw the effects, the costumes, Chris Hemsworth... (what, I'm human!). The ravens. I admit, the ravens got me.

3) I got a chance to give away the following goodies. ;-)

One (1) winner will receive a SWATH Prize Pack: 
  • T-Shirt 
  • Nail Polish 
  • Lip Shine 
  • Necklace 
  • Cell Phone Mirror 
  • Sling Bag 
  • Official Soundtrack
How do you win? Easy. Tweet the following or share the Facebook post.

RT & follow @geekgirldiva by 10pm PST 5/25 to enter to win this Snow White & The Huntsman Prize Pack #swathggd

So, yeah, I'm excited. More than I thought I would be. Now the words "In Theaters June 1!" cause me to check my schedule. Which I think says a lot about the movie. Because it takes a lot to get me from "meh" to "wow". But they've managed.

There's lots of ways to follow and keep up with the movie goodness.  Personally, I think the Pinterest link is kick ass. It has some great costume details.

Twitter:            !/snowwhite #SWATH

And make sure you give them some FB love. ::grin::

1 comment:

  1. That's a pretty awesome looking swag set. I really want this movie to be good. It looks fun, so I'm definitely planning to see it.



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