Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musing - BSG Callsigns and Dog Tags.

Okay, so. Now that I'm an official Quantum Mechanix employee, I'm thinking of getting myself a set of Battlestar Galactica Personalized Artisan Dog Tags for SDCC.

Here's the problem. I can't decide what to get. I could use my name, but if you've noticed, I don't really use my name. ::grin:: I could use my Twitter handle, but that seems sort of...non BSG.

Or I could use a callsign.

The problem is, I don;t have a callsign and -- as I understand it -- callsigns are generally given to the pilot, not chosen.

Which means I need your help. ::grin::

I need a callsign.

Any suggestions? ;-) Help me out here.

And, while I'm on the subject. What's your BSG callsign?


  1. Mine's "Squid," because I make Cthulhus. Jess/Toasterlicious/Banshee came up with it. As for first instinct is just "Diva." It's the kind of thing your fellow pilots might nickname you (or your instructor might nickname you), in a good way, during training. It's at least what I'd call you if I were looking for a nickname. Hopefully you'll get some other suggestions so you can choose.

    "GeekGirlDiva" is definitely too long/not BSG.

  2. There's a definite affinity for greek pantheonic names in BSG so why not go with Tyche (a goddess of luck ... since you keep getting those awesome jobs & coming up roses!!)

    Me ... I'd probably wind up with something like Bia since all I'd wanna do is frak some toasters!

  3. I agree with "Diva". It is a call sign I could see an actual pilot using. It also ties in nicely with your blog, so is a win win.

  4. yeah, i've gotta go with 'Diva' also. i mean, the name's already there, right?

    as for me, i'd probably be 'ogre'. i was given that nickname when i sorta broke a sponge while cleaning a bathroom. but, i mean, that's happened to everybody, right?



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