Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Screw The Jedi Academy, This Little Girl Wants To Serve Vader.

There is so much win in this video. From the fact that it's a little girl to the confusion from Vader.

Somewhere my girl @arkhamasylumdoc is cheering and planning to raise the child as her own, to groom the next Lady Vader.

And who knew Mace Windu was from New York? ::grin::

This kid knows what's up. All the nerds go to the Jedi Academy. The Sith Academy has the best parties.

I just wish I'd been there to see this!

I think we should make her an honorary member of the League of Extraordinary Ladies. ::grin::


  1. That little girl is just too cute. The Sith will be lucky to have her!

  2. This little girl rules. I can watch this over and over.

  3. I love it. Her reaction was priceless!

  4. This warms my Hoth-Heart. But you knew that ;)



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