Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unveils New RPG Line. I Die Of Happy.

::grin:: So WoW Insider beat me to the punch in posting about the new Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab RPG scents. I'd be bummed, but OMG WOW INSIDER POSTED ABOUT BPAL! /end geek squeeing.

Anywhoodle. Here's the basic run down. BPAL has created a series of scents based on DnD/RPG classes, alignments and races.

While you can wear them individually, the beauty of these oils is they can be layered to create new scents.

So, if you have a chaotic, evil, half elf rogue, you're layering 4 oils to come up with a blend for your particular character. Change out a class or alignment and you get something different.

It pleases the gamer in me no end and tickles the fancy of my actress former life.

Head over to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for more details.

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