Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picture of Snooki in Need of a Caption. Seriously ;-)

Hey, I'm sleepy and this made me lol. However, I know you guys are way funnier than I am.

So, please. If you will, help me find a perfect caption for this pic of Jersey Shore's Snooki?

If you thought of the Sandbox Spectral Tiger loot card in Warcraft: TCG, you get a smooch!

via @MTVTJ


  1. "That's not a toilet! Please stop! Think of the children!"

  2. Horsie- THE SHAME!!!! *this may be the worst day of my life*

  3. Objectively speaking -that horse looks angry

  4. Hey snooks... ur supposed to look through your glasses, not peer over them

  5. I R smartz. Really, I haz a bouk and everythng.

  6. ... AND the horse you rode in on!

    Why yes. As a matter of fact Sacagawea, that bright yellow childrens springy horse does indeed make your ass look fat.

    "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

    Horse: Hey Poindexter! This ain't the public library, so work the springs or get lost!



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