Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Random thoughts for the morning. Doctor Who and a masturbating James Franco?

Feel free to share your random thoughts, or comment on mine. It's one of those days I wish I was discussing these things over coffee ;-)

1) If the Doctor ends up places without having set the TARDIS to have taken him there and he discovers a time issue when he gets there, then is the TARDIS choosing? Or does the The Doctor change things when he arrives? (I'm just worried that we'll get into that funky territory where God was Leaping Sam Beckett around, y'know?)

2) According to Nerve.Com, James Franco Masturbates a lot. My reaction? is it news? Seems to me. any man with loads of free time and a paycheck would be sitting around doing the same thing, so is it news that he actually said it to a reporter? ::grin::

3) ThinkGeek has an umbrella that looks like a Blade Runner prop. Want!


  1. It's been surmised that The Doctor's true power is landing in places that need him the most and at the right time.

  2. 1. Can't comment on this because I have yet to watch one episode. May have to change that. If it ends like Quantum Leap I will burn something.

    2. Who wouldn't.

    3. Also want

  3. The TARDIS is always and never, everywhere and nowhere, quite like some consepts of God, however unable to interact with the universe(s) on a physical level. It could quite possibly be sending the Doctor where he has already been but hasn't been yet. Or the TARDIS simply has a wicked sense of humor.

    With what, and to whom? Isn't that the real question.

    Jedi Bumbershoot!
    "When comes the rain, hide their heads and run they do."

  4. 1. The Doctor has been referred to as, "The Lonely God." Time Lords could be said to be a template for humanity's notion of God. Typically, the Doctor winds up places by presumptive choice, but is drawn to places where there is a problem, like a magnet.
    2. James Franco is an interesting guy. Every interview I've ever seen with him, he's pretty candid. I think it shocks reporters. Good for him.
    3. Oooooh: WANT THE SHINY.



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