Friday, September 17, 2010

I can haz squeeshable Adipose nao?

I've tweeted about this, but enough people seem to still be discovering him, that I'm gonna post it too ;-)

Entertainment Earth got an update image of the Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy and it gives you an idea of just how squeeshable he is ;-)

Now, I also love the original pic, so I'm posting that too ;-)

I can't wait till I get mine so I can take pics of it in the sink!


  1. I think the pic of squeeeeeshing should be up on EE, too! (Sort of demonstrating the squeeshiness.) =D
    I loves the squeeshy. It is the most adorable thing.

  2. I wants an adipose! Actually, one of my friends pre-ordered one for me, so I can't wait until it gets here & I can skoosh it!!



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