Thursday, September 16, 2010

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is clearly insane.

Y'know how you read something and you think it's a joke, and then you realize it's not supposed to be a joke?

I'm on Twitter and @maximuspaynicus tweets: *blink, blink* Homeboy done lost his goddamned mind... (via @georgeb3dr)

So, I click and the IGN headline reads: Activision 'Likely' To Sell Game Cutscene Movies

Pause for a sec with me and think about that..

I'll admit, the SCII stuff looks good. Heck, so does the WoW stuff. But the acting leaves something to be desired and...they do range a bit to the over dramatic, y'know?

So, okay. He wants to release them. I'm thinking, okay, they're gonna let you DL them from iTunes for a couple bucks a pop or directly from your BattleNet account. Make it easier to see them without questing or searching YouTube.


According to the article, "Kotick said StarCraft II's in-game cinematics are so good that the publisher could edit them into one film and distribute it to fans digitally".

For $20 - $30 bucks a pop.

Bobby Kotick thinks gamers are willing to blow more on Blizz cut scenes than most of the items on Amazon's "Coming Soon" DVD's, Blu-Rays &  DVD box sets?


Someone get the man his meds. Please?


  1. So... When Blizzard did this before it was no big deal but now because Bobby Kotick said it, its insane? I think everyone who reacts that way is insane because they can't see anything else but "Kotick is evil and trying to destroy gaming because we only see one tiny out of context quote!"

    ^ Proof of blizzard doing the SAME THING before Activision ever bought them.

  2. @Aqua

    I don't think he's evil. I just think he's insane to think he can charge that much for that type of thing.

    But, hey, just my opinion. ::grin::

  3. Read the original article, and I'm genuinely revolted. While I do believe studios have a terrible business model, and relationship to their audiences... This is pretty ridic. An SC movie would, "crush any opening weekend box office record ever?" 90 minutes for $20-30? Delivering it digitally and expecting people to then go to theaters and watch it again? Um...NO.
    They're cut scenes. That is very different from an average linear or non-linear narrative. 20-30 bucks for a cobbled together flick, is a ridiculous price point, and to imagine that even IF people would pay for that, that they'd then pay another $10 to sit in a theater and watch it, is delusional.
    I really hope everybody at that conference gave this idea the reception it deserves - laughter. The entertainment industry already has a problem with serving its audience in a digital era, this idea doesn't fix that.



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