Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some things you just have to click to believe.

1) This is Jones. He's @scottEweinberg's cat. and needs a caption.

2) There's been talk pretty much all over the internet now about this Mortal Kombat trailer.

According to Kotaku, Topless Robot, Nerd Approved and more, you're looking at is director Kevin Tancharoen's pitch to Warner Brothers for the chance to make this movie.

I don't know about you, but I need to see this movie. Like, now.

Thank you intarwebz for making my day better.


  1. Ok, picture caption -
    Dis my Playgirlz audtion. ;)

    As for the movie trailer, like the concept. Very interesting take on the whole MK concept. Major ick factor though so I don't think I'd be seeing it. I tend towards the squeamish when it comes to that kind of stuff.

  2. From what I've read, it looks like this is going to happen. I thought Lateef Crowder made a great Baraka.

  3. need now, there is actually going to be a character backround to them. not just everyone get together and roughhouse alot. All though no cage may be a bit of a deal breaker. I was expecting at least once to see the famous nut shot in the fight...



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