Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vampire Soap is To Die For...

Wanna know why I love geeks?

Because only a geek would come up with something this awesome. ;-)

This is the new Vampire Attractant soap from Geeky Clean.

(see the blood pool at the bottom? ::swooooon::)

Per the description: Scented with appropriately named, "Love Spell" fragrance which is a blend of Summer Flowers and sweet Oranges. The bar is 100% soap, so you won't get bitten as these fun soapy vampire teeth slowly sink into your skin.

Part of me just...melted...reading that.

Maybe it's my love of Lestat, or the idea of a long shower while listening to Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting", but this soap just made me go "rawr".

And I would be remiss in asking that you include me in the disclaimer on the page: Geeky Clean is not responsible for loss of soul due to authentic Vampire attraction. Please don't eat me.

I'm just the messenger. ::wink::


  1. Thanks for the post GGD! Much love :3

  2. That looks awesome, I am also much in love with Lestat, and "good" vampires in general, so ... mmm

    Girls Are Geeks

  3. lol...
    I can nearly say I have seen it all now! :)



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