Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Squee: Geek Babes, Robots & Belly Fuzz.

Today seems to be a day about love for the Geek Babes. I'm going to share the love ;-)

1) Over at the Geek Girls Network: The USB Boys created an amazing and romantic video ode to the nation of the Geek Girl persuasion.

(Love to @geekgirls, @paulielipman, @ratpackslim and @geekweekonline)

2) The amazing, talented (and geeky) Erin McCarthy did an interview with Grant Imahara for Popular Mechanics about Craig Ferguson's New Mythbuster Robot Sidekick (w/Exclusive Pics)

3) This kick ass article by Geek Dream Girl knocked my socks off. It amazes me just how -mean- people can be. So, when E. puts in a good smackdown, I'm always gonna cheer. ;-)

Living Dead Dolls Series 20 Day of the Dead SetCoping With Being Single: Ur Doin’ It Wrong

And, as far as products go -- this made me so very happy. I'm an LDD fan and a Dia De Los Muertos fan, so the Living Dead Dolls Series 20 Day of the Dead Set is a must have.

Squee. Indeed.

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