Monday, April 5, 2010

88 Lines About 44 Fangirls (Nerdcore)

It must be a day for music dedicated to Geek Girls.

Thanks to @alumiere, I've just discovered "88 Lines About 44 Fangirls"

This is the link to the download. Trust me. You'll want to DL it.

This snippet of the lyrics should be enough to convince you if my endorsement doesn't ;-)

Dana thought she lived on Dune
She called her crystal meth "melange"
Fran was stuck in Middle Earth
Built hobbit holes in her garage

Wanda craved a Highlander
For her, there could be only one
Jane the Trekkie beamed me up
And kept her cleavage set to stun

The full link to the lyrics is here.

Share it, sing it, love it.

Maybe one day I'll make it into the sequel. ::grin::

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