Friday, April 30, 2010

Breaking News: Leonard Nimoy to appear at Opening Night of Hero Complex Film Festival

Leonard Nimoy/AP Photo by Jeff McIntosh

Leonard Nimoy will be making one of his final Star Trek related appearances June 11, 2010 and the Los Angeles Times and Hero Complex want to invite you to be a part of it!

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home kicks off night one of the Hero Complex Film Festival and L.A. Times' Geoff Boucher will be interviewing Mr. Nimoy on stage at the event.

Tickets go on sale Monday, but I was given a chance to break the news just to make sure that the geek crowd got a first look!

Details about the Hero Complex Film Festival will be up later tonight over on the Hero Complex blog, so make sure to check it out.

Trust me, I know who else is supposed to be there and what else they're screening, and you're not going to want to miss it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music Thoughts, Grace of my Heart and Xena?

It started with talk of American Idol. Then the iPod got on a certain play list and now I'm having one of those melancholy but wistful moments over the time I spent singing in Vegas and LA.

So, just for fun, I thought I'd post a couple singers that never made it "big" but who I've managed to find over the years and am quite happy to own their CD's.

Kristen Vigard

This song is in Grace of my Heart and, while Illeana does a great job of lip syncing, Kristin's voice is magic.

If you haven't discovered Judith Owen, she's another of my treasures. Check out her website.

On a side note, during my search of Judith Owen songs, someone did a really amazing Xena/Gabrielle video to Judith's song I Promise You. Yes, I'm a Xena/Gabby shipper. Heh. I found a plethora of Xena/Gabby vids. Who knew!

Did you know the girl have "coffee talk" vids where they watch the eps?

Oooohkay, back to the point. Wait, I had a point?

There's also actress and singer Kathleen Wilhoite, the ethereal Corrine May, and if you've never heard Danny Peck...

I'm sure you have a couple people like this. The ones who just haven't quite "hit" yet, but who you know and love. Hopefully you'll share.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Building A Twilight Trailer, Part Two.

Geeks of Doom was kind enough to post the new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and, as the lovely and talented Erin McCarthy pointed out, it seems to be following along my previously mentioned formula on "How To Build A Twilight Trailer".

I wonder if we could make any movie trailer into a Twilight trailer using this formula.

There's a contest in this, I can tell. ;-)

Someone needs to make me a "The Twilight Saga: Star Wars" trailer.

Just sayin.

Monday Squee: I Can Haz Soap & Pirates?

I'll make it quick. Dear Accoutrements, I LOVE you.

I hopped on this morning and discovered:

Absinthe SoapAbsinthe Soap

Bacon Soap
Bacon Soap and

Eggnog Soap

Eggnog Soap

There's also Pickle Soap, Chef Soap, & Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Soap!

But then I started looking at more of the stuff we added and it just got better.

Pirate Adhesive Bandages Pirate Adhesive Bandages for scrapes.

Instant Excuse Ball an Instant Excuse Ball for those days you just can't think of one.

Monkey Vinyl Shower Curtain
A Monkey Vinyl Shower Curtain

and my personal fave:

Patron Saint of Hangovers Figure

The Patron Saint of Hangovers Figure

This is just a small sampling of the coolness we added, so I suggest you check out the rest here. If nothing else, it's good for a Monday giggle ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Link Love, brain pain & Cthulhu. Om nom.

I've been too serious lately, so today is just a day for links and fun stuff. ;-)

Just click, enjoy and share.

1) In honor of Earth Day, this is the My Reusable Bag Makes Me Better Than You Tote Bag ;-)

2) Barbershop Quartet Sings the Ewok Celebration Song (via Great White Snark)

3) Over at Geek Six, Blain did a great post on Action figures they haven’t made yet but should.

4) io9's Marc Bernadin posted this infographic on the The Rise and Fall of Scifi and Fantasy on TV

5) In baseball: Fordham baseball player makes a Superman leap over catcher lands on home plate. 6.0 from the Russian Judge!

6) And, last but not least, there is now a Cthulhu Bobble Head.

This pleases me. Mmmmm. Yessssss...

Cthulhu Bobble Head

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Open Letter To Roger Ebert, Art vs. Video Games

Mr. Ebert,

I'm sure you've heard every possible reply to your recent article and your belief that "video games can never be art", however, I'd like to take a moment and offer a couple of thoughts.

I grew up watching you and, as I've respected you. Because, as time has gone on and as technology has grown and changed, you've grown and changed with it. Your twitter account, if nothing else, is a prime example. Loads of journalists have been left behind by the "new media", but you've found a voice here in the ether in a very real way.

One of my biggest fears is that, as I age, I'll stop finding new music interesting, or I'll freeze in some outdated fashion style, or that I won't understand new gadgets. That I'll end up like many older people, locked onto my oldies radio station and wearing the same style I did when I was 40.

I fear, in short, that I'll become someone who is unable to appreciate and experience new things because I just don't "get" them and get "old".

You state that video games can't be art, but you don't play them. So, if you have no experience, how can you make that statement?

Art is subjective. It always has been. It is created by one and then experienced by others. You mention your "taste"  and that you think it's better than others. However, that's subjective as well.

Why was Warhol considered art? Or Lichtenstein? They were cutting edge. Lots of people thought they were crap.

What makes them art? How are they different than a comic book? Or a video game in this day and age? Videogames are drawn (albeit digitally). They are created. They are immersive. They transport players to other worlds, sensation, experiences. Just like music, paintings and sculptures can.

Am I saying all video games are "art"? No. However, there is a lot of "art" out in the world that I don't get either.

Explain to me how this:

is more artistic than this:

or this: 

They both took time, skill, creativity, talent and imagination. They are both considered art by others. 

I don't care if you ever play a video game. That's not the point.

But I am asking you to take a look at the possibility that you're in danger of getting "old" and "set in your ways"

I think that would be a shame.

Best and thanks,

Geek Girl Diva.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 Year Old Cries, Internet Freaks Out!

I found this courtesy of @loquaciousmuse and @davidehrlich, so before I go on, I'd like to link the source ;-)

That said, apparently this video is sparking a LOAD of controversy over at Parent Dish.

I know I ranted yesterday, so I'm not going to go all crazy. But, it's a minute out of the kid's life. She's not bleeding , she's not crying hysterically, she was crying before mom got the camera and we have no idea how many hugs this kid got before or after this video.

It's a moment. A moment in which a 4 year old is having an incredibly real and poignant moment about "love". David used the phrase "adorable and tragic". I'd agree. Because, well, aren't all things at that age? ;-)

And when she grows up and sees the video, I'm guessing she's going to ask her mom one thing.

"Um...who was Steven?"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Geeks: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Dear Geeks,

Get over yourselves. I know you think you're a big deal. I know you think there are a ton of us out there and that everyone should listen to what you like and dislike. I mean, everyone you talk to is a geek and they all think the way you do.


You're not a driving demographic. You're a sub-culture. A very vocal and localized sub-culture with a skewed perspective of your impact on the world as a whole. And if you don't get a handle on your inflated sense of your place in the world, you're going to lose any of the cred you've recently earned.

Allow me to explain:

1) Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass is a niche film. Somehow, someone managed to convince Hollywood that geeks and comic book nerds were a bigger part of the movie going crowd (thank you Twitter and FB) than they used to be and brilliantly wrangled a higher budget for a movie that, had it been made 10 years ago, would have been considered a "hit" with a 20 million opening. But what am I seeing today? Comments that Kick-Ass "flopped" and all sorts of reasons "why".

Flopped? Really? A niche film with a comic book/anime feel?

Remember a movie called Kill Bill, Vol. 1?

Per Box Office Mojo, Kill Bill made 22 million opening weekend. It had a 30 million dollar budget (which Kick-Ass started with) and it grossed over 180 million worldwide.

I think, geek critics, that you lack perspective. Somehow you got all wrapped up in feeling awesome because Hollywood somehow bought into the idea that you'd turn Kick-Ass into another Dark Knight. Instead of calling the movie a flop, why not be happy you managed to fool the studio heads into believing you were a money maker?

But, nope, you'll bemoan the numbers and call it a flop and get cranky that Roger Ebert didn't like it and you'll forget to do the word of mouth thing that makes little movies like Kick-Ass live and breathe.

One word, people. Serenity.

2) SyFy Channel

I saw a post today over at Geeks Dream Girl about SyFy changing around their line up and including wrestling. I think J has a point. I think Craig at SyFy has a great counterpoint.

But let me make a comment here. Even geeks don't watch everything on SyFy. If SyFy had to depend on geeks for their ratings, they'd be screwed. I mean, ask yourself. How many hours do YOU watch SyFy? It's a business. SyFy isn't a charity organization or geek television preferences. They have bills to pay.

Now, do I think wrestling is the way to do that? Well, that's debatable and I'd be more than happy to discuss that with Craig another time. But the next time you want to rant about the programming on SyFy, ask yourself what you've done to improve the ratings enough on the geek friendly programming to make it financially feasible for them to expand it.

3) The iPad.

(Okay, so the rant started about Kick-Ass, but this iPad thing has been bugging me, so I tossed it in here)

To every geek out there talking about what the iPad doesn't do, or what can't be modified, or how you can't jack it into whatever piece of hardware, or any of the other grumbling that's been going on... quote a Mac geek I have a lot of love and respect for...

"Apple didn't make the iPad for YOU."

Y'know who Apple made the iPad for? Regular people who like gadgets and geeks who like toys. They made it for the people who like the VW Beetle for the budvase (guilty) and people who want a portable way to read, play games, surf the web and look at You Tube Videos but already have a phone and like a bigger screen.

It's not supposed to be geek nirvana. It's supposed to be a crossover gadget that caters to a wider variety of users.

Look, I'm a geek. I love geeks and I get it. I  understand the desire to rant and grumble and decry anything that might be a slam to all things geek. But maybe we need a reality check. Geeks are NOT a wide variety. We're a sliver of the bigger marketplace. Really.

And if we don't start being a bit nicer, we may end up being marginalized again.

Personally, I'd think that would suck.

Author's Note: I'm liable to get my geek card revoked for this, but I'm cranky today. And I do include myself in this as I'm just as guilty. See what happens when you let me take a week off work?; -)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chrono Trigger, now in collectible form.

There's enough people making happy noises about the existence of these Chrono Trigger collectibles, that I figured I'd post them and add a note.

I know it says October. But waiting would be a bad idea. Because Entertainment Earth bases orders on pre-orders. And then we place the order and more orders come in and next thing you know, they're pre-sold out.

I tell you this from experience. I know I sound like your mom. ;p

So, if you want them -- order the Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Trading Figures now. ;-)

Pretty pics below ::grin::

Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Trading Figures

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Entertainment Earth Tagline Contest Winner Announced

If you've been following, you know that Entertainment Earth was looking for a new slogan for our 14th Anniversary.

We have a winner. Jeff Sparkman (@cleverusername)

Entertainment Earth: Because no one wants to buy stuff from Entertainment Uranus.

...and all of us here at EE love it.

It's also just a tad too risque for a permanent EE tagline. ::grin::

So, we're giving him the EE goodies we promised, but the space under the EE logo is going to remain blank just a bit longer ;-)

Jeff, you are a genius. We know it. We're just not so sure about that one mom out there who might not "get it". Heh. Thanks for understanding.

Monday, April 5, 2010

88 Lines About 44 Fangirls (Nerdcore)

It must be a day for music dedicated to Geek Girls.

Thanks to @alumiere, I've just discovered "88 Lines About 44 Fangirls"

This is the link to the download. Trust me. You'll want to DL it.

This snippet of the lyrics should be enough to convince you if my endorsement doesn't ;-)

Dana thought she lived on Dune
She called her crystal meth "melange"
Fran was stuck in Middle Earth
Built hobbit holes in her garage

Wanda craved a Highlander
For her, there could be only one
Jane the Trekkie beamed me up
And kept her cleavage set to stun

The full link to the lyrics is here.

Share it, sing it, love it.

Maybe one day I'll make it into the sequel. ::grin::

Monday Squee: Geek Babes, Robots & Belly Fuzz.

Today seems to be a day about love for the Geek Babes. I'm going to share the love ;-)

1) Over at the Geek Girls Network: The USB Boys created an amazing and romantic video ode to the nation of the Geek Girl persuasion.

(Love to @geekgirls, @paulielipman, @ratpackslim and @geekweekonline)

2) The amazing, talented (and geeky) Erin McCarthy did an interview with Grant Imahara for Popular Mechanics about Craig Ferguson's New Mythbuster Robot Sidekick (w/Exclusive Pics)

3) This kick ass article by Geek Dream Girl knocked my socks off. It amazes me just how -mean- people can be. So, when E. puts in a good smackdown, I'm always gonna cheer. ;-)

Living Dead Dolls Series 20 Day of the Dead SetCoping With Being Single: Ur Doin’ It Wrong

And, as far as products go -- this made me so very happy. I'm an LDD fan and a Dia De Los Muertos fan, so the Living Dead Dolls Series 20 Day of the Dead Set is a must have.

Squee. Indeed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help me out with some market research? ;-)

Sometimes, when you need help and information, the best thing to do is just say so.

Part of my job at Entertainment Earth, includes doing what I can to gather information from people who buy toys and collectibles online.

Since you're reading this, I'm going to assume you a) have a computer & b) know a bit about toys and collectibles.

::grin:: Think I could take a couple minutes of your time for a quick survey?

I tried to embed this sucker, but the blog hates me today -- so here's a link.

Thanks so much and, if nothing else, feel free to drop any notes or feedback in the comments. It really does help and my bosses do like to hear from you ;-)

UPDATE: Today is EE's 14th Anniversary and we launched a sale right after I posted this.

To celebrate, we're offering 14 great items for just $14 each. Check out our selection of great sale items from The Big Lebowski, Twilight, Star Wars, and more today.


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