Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get Mal's Coat For Less Coin? Shiny!

Want to know why I love my job?

Because, while I squeed with fangirl glee when I saw the new Serenity Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat Replica hit the Entertainment Earth site...

...it was chased by a mild groan at the pricing. ($359.00. Zao!)

However, I went to bat for Browncoats everywhere and the Powers That Be gave us a little love and dropped it to $319.00.

But that's not all. If you use code EETWEET12 at check out, you get free Super Saver - FedEx Smartpost shipping on orders totaling more than $79.00, which means you're getting the best price in the 'Verse!

Serenity Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat Replica


  1. I want this so bad. It looks so pretty....

  2. I wish it came in my size and was a lot cheaper. I'm a dwarf so even the small would be too big......

  3. visions of sexy float through my mind.

    Truly an awesome coat...even got most of the detailing right!



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