Monday, January 18, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzles?

Jennifer Love Hewitt vajazzles her vajay-jay.


Are you telling me there wasn't a classier, or less 5-year old way to say this?

The spa that does it calls it "cb with a Flair" (cb=Completely Bare). Now, that I like. But...


I wish you could see the image of me over here sort of shaking my head and wincing in physical and mental pain.

Think I'm kidding? (Starts at 2:45)

There's got to be a better term for this.

"Wax and shimmer?"

It hurts me, precious.

Maybe this is how they get Rpatz to sparkle in the Twilight movies? >.<


  1. I coulda swore you said "Jennifer Love Hewitt's Vagina" when my Twitter status popped and I was like "DAAAMN! oh wait. NOOOO!" Stoopid status updater pop-up thingier :D

  2. If she said CB do you think it would be getting anywhere near as much air play? I told my best friend and his wife last night, we all watched the clip and of course as males we had to say Vajazzled about 20 times each.

  3. All I can think about is that silly Bedazzler thing... which I just looked up and the sound bites and taglines for it are hilarious when you think about vajazzling...

    Just place, push & pop! Perfect for small, detailed, projects... Get your own MINI bedazzler too!

    Just wrong...WRONG!

  4. Um...just a few things.
    1. The whole, "Vajazzle," declension is freaking me out.
    2. "CB with a flair," is making me think of Office Space and 15 pieces of flair. (Where would they all go?)
    3. Tip for the ladies - It's been my experience that good grooming works well enough. Turning the pootie into a discotheque seems like an act of desperation. Cuz, really - men want IN.
    (Can I get an amen, fellas?)
    I can kinda see doing it for a goof, but... if you think you need it, invest the money in a shrink. It'll be money well-spent to shore up the self-esteem.
    (Of course, given the hell JLH has been put through over her body, I can understand the insecurity.)

  5. I sense the word "Va-jay-jay" has some competition now.

  6. "Maybe this is how they get Rpatz to sparkle in the Twilight movies?" - hahaha! love it! Seriously, what other awful celebrity trends will they come up with next...?



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