Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Dream Factory. You SUCK!

I would like to lodge a formal complaint with my subconscious.

It's clear to me that it's out to get me and does not have my best interests at heart.


I had a dream last night in which Nathan Fillion propositioned me for sex and, somehow (and I seriously have no idea how this is possible) I said no.


In what universe would I do that?

It's got to be something I ate, or a glitch in the Matrix. Whatever it is, I am NOT happy and I demand another take.

Because that was obviously a blooper. Let's be honest. I just forgot my line, right? That's it. I forgot my line. And we know who to blame for that, right?



  1. HAHAHHAHA! Awesome! Though.. I agree w/you.. how and why would you say no?!??

  2. I'm so sorry your id screwed you over, no pun intended. But your choice of visual aids sure helped make my crappy day a little bit better. So thanks for that. :)

  3. I had a dream last week that David Tennant propositioned me and I said no because it would upset my boyfriend. I guess I must really love him!

  4. This kind of thing happens all the time to me - if I happen to dream of any dream worthy celeb, I always end up doing mundane things with them - grocery shopping w/Russell Crowe (this was before he tossed a phone at some guys head), wrapping Xmas gifts with Nathan Fillion, etc... It totally blows.



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