Monday, December 28, 2009

No Strings Attached, No Guilt Involved? A Sure Thing.

My love for John Cusack is well known among my friends.

However, it's not because of Say Anything as most women might explain.

Nope. My love for John Cusack was sparked by The Sure Thing and, while this scene wasn't the scene that started the fire in my bosom, it was the one that sealed the deal.

To this day, I still want to know how much of this was improv.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

#notsosecretsanta Star Wars Christmas Bounty Hunting!

It's Christmas Eve, I'm at work, I have internet and the bosses are out.

Know what that means? That means I gotta cause trouble and find a way to stir things up a bit.

So, I had this idea. A Twitter gift exchange. First I thought of a Secret Santa, but since you know who's giving the gift, I couldn't use that...

However, I am not one to be deterred, so I have created a "Not So Secret Santa" giveaway.

This is my contribution. The corner's a little dented, but he's otherwise perfect.

If you want to see better item detail, here's the link at Entertainment Earth.

He'll be gifted today and mailed out after the holiday. Wanna enter? Check Twitter and look for the #notsosecretsanta tag to win ;-)

Want to play along and be a #notsosecretsanta? Great! The more the merrier!

Edit at 1:00 PST:

Wow! @thinkgeek @NSSteph and @NerdHeroine have jumped into the #notsosecretsanta party!

Thanks so much for sharing the love and holiday spirit!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby: Geek Version

I am crushed that I didn't think of this. However, this young lady may be the most awesome present I get this year ;-) Thanks so much to my girl @meleanna1 for the tipoff!

You can find her here on YouTube. I'd say it's worth a look ;-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My "RT" 2 anyone who made me smile in '09 ;-)

It's easy, during this time of year, to get so wrapped up in the frenzy of all the things that "have to get done" and forget to take a little time to breathe.

If you have kids, or have travel plans or work in retail, my guess is, you haven't had a chance to relax since sometime mid-November.

Which means, here and now, I'm taking a moment to look pointedly at you and remind you.


The truth is -- if you don't get every gift, or if you're a little late to that holiday party, or you end up on the phone with your credit card company because your card got "blocked for security" -- the people that love you won't stop loving you.

The sky won't fall. Your kids will still have a great holiday. You'll come up with a workaround for pretty much every issue that may come up. Because, even though you may forget from time to time, you always manage to make it work.

So, slow down a bit. Take the time to thank that salesperson, or to listen to carolers in the mall, or to linger over breakfast with your family in the morning.

Slow down and take a moment to breathe and enjoy the people around you.

Because, in the end, it's not about gifts and it's not about stuff. It's not about getting that "hot new toy" and being willing to trample people in line at the superstore.

It's about people. The ones that make you smile. The ones you love. The ones who make you laugh.

There's a thread going on Twitter right now. It's beautiful in its simplicity. Started by the ever adorable @geekgirls.

" PLZ RT 2 anyone who made you smile in '09. It may surprise you how many you get back."

Truth is, I don't have enough room to RT to all of the people who made me smile this year. Not without spending a good chunk of my afternoon posting.

But it got me thinking and so I decided to write this in the spirit of the request.

Thank YOU for making me smile this year. I appreciate it more than you know.

Much love,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Racism in Avatar? My Reponse to io9.

When you read a headline like "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like 'Avatar'?", you know there's going to be a definite bent to the story and a lot of opinion. Race is always touchy, no matter what you say, and opinions are something I generally give a lot of leeway too because people are entitled to them (IMHO.)

But this one stuck with me and, much as I wanted to just let it go, I can't.

I preface this by saying this is entirely my opinion. I respect Annalee Newlitz over at io9. I think she's a pretty sharp lady and a damn good writer.

Still, I have to say, on this one -- I have to heartily disagree. She's tagged the article as a #rant, but then uses the word "debate". If you read through it, she's not pondering IF Avatar is racist or not weighing both sides against the middle. She's got her opinion and she's giving evidence for it.

A white male made Avatar and you think that means something about race. If Spike Lee had made Avatar, there's would be an entirely different set of theories about the racist nature of the movie.

Race is a tricky thing to talk about. Period. And when you come out and state that a movie like Avatar is some sort of "white guilt" thing, you're going to get reactions. A headline like that is going to cause a reader to jump to the link -- and, maybe that was intended.

Now, do I think racism occurs? Hell yes. Daily. Do I think it's fair? No. If I had my way, people wouldn't be judged by race, skin color, gender, sexual preference, weight, religious views and so many of the other things we find to dislike and separate ourselves from others for.

But do I think James Cameron made a racist movie?


James Cameron is a moviemaker who gives strong roles to women and hires multiple ethnicities. Look at his past. Look at the Terminator franchise. Look at Aliens. Look at The Abyss. Then look at Avatar. There's a common thread. Technology vs. humanity. The Company vs. the little guy. Immersion into the alien life? Finding love along the way? All Cameron movie common themes.

If you're going to call James Cameron a racist for Avatar, then are you going to to call him a racist against Jews for picking a white guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a heavy Austrian accent to be the downfall of the human race? Do we push the envelope and say Cameron thinks "aliens" are out to get us? That they want to "integrate" into our lives and destroy us from within?

Okay, okay, so I'm being deliberately hyperbolic to prove a point.

Let's back up just a bit and look at this.

In the case of Avatar, he's made a movie about corporations not caring about indigenous peoples, about someone being a leader and really cool effects.

Like he has numerous times before.

Annalee, with all due respect -- you ask a question like "When will white people stop making movies like 'Avatar'?" and I respond "When will people stop looking for a controversy in everything?"

Because there's enough real racism and division in the world. And enough hyperbole already without adding more.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LA Geek Girls Infiltrate Karl Strauss

I have a feeling there's one or two people who likely had something to say about the amount and variety of laughter at Karl Strauss last night. I don't doubt that there was someone who heard a squeal and looked over in something akin to disgust at "childish" behavior.

But, y'know what?

I doan care ;-)

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with @TheNerdyBird, @sarahkuhn, @acomicbookgirl, @BaronessHeather, @talbarran, @melissa_kay and @trayceeking for a L.A. Geek Girl tweetup and, I have to say, I haven't had that much fun in a while.

My favorite line of the night? Well, there were two:

1) "So, he walks up to me, pulls down his pants and says. Does this look...wrong?'
2) "If she was a real woman and had a rack like that, she'd have a shirt on that said 'Hey, my face is up here!'"

The conversation was varied, the women intriguing and the beer flowed.

Personally, I hope we do it again real soon ;-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Man They Call.....Jayne! Blue Sun Ads For Jaynestown.

This makes my Browncoat heart dance with glee! There's a Canton Poster. Look! Look at what it says!

Behold - The Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (Series 2).

You're going to want to click to get a better view of these. Trust me. ;-)

They're set for January and I'm definitely going to suggest you pre-order if you want them. That way you're in the first shipments going out to retailers and you're not left waiting as your friends are running off to the framers without you.

p.s. If you missed the first round, I'm putting handy links in to the Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (series 1) and the Serenity Blue Sun Travel Wavecards (love!).

Keep Flyin!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barbie In Leather, With Ken!

I don't know what it is with Mattel these days, but they seem to have a direct line to the wishlist in my head for awesome-sauce.

Now, you know I had a blast with the Sugar Daddy Ken.

Well, it's somehow gotten more awesome!

Entertainment Earth just listed the Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset!

Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset

Go on, click the picture for the detail. 

  • Barbie and Ken have tattoos! 
  • Ken's rockin' the patented Pattinson Twilight hair style (yes, I know, it's supposed to be that "motorcycle windblown" look).
  • Barbie's biker babe chic and I think this Ken looks pretty dang sexy!
  • Is that a wallet chain on Ken?

C'mon, between the leather, the logos and the motorcycle boots...tell me it's not pretty epic. ;-)

Nice job, Mattel!

Dear Dream Factory. You SUCK!

I would like to lodge a formal complaint with my subconscious.

It's clear to me that it's out to get me and does not have my best interests at heart.


I had a dream last night in which Nathan Fillion propositioned me for sex and, somehow (and I seriously have no idea how this is possible) I said no.


In what universe would I do that?

It's got to be something I ate, or a glitch in the Matrix. Whatever it is, I am NOT happy and I demand another take.

Because that was obviously a blooper. Let's be honest. I just forgot my line, right? That's it. I forgot my line. And we know who to blame for that, right?


Friday, December 4, 2009


If you like LEGO, I have a little insider info for you.

Entertainment Earth just posted a ton of new LEGO items. Like....seriously a lot.

If you want them, order them NOW. Don't "check back" and don't wait. Pre-order. You're not billed till they come in. But you're reserving a pre-order and that's key.

See, here's the deal. We get the LEGO item details and we have to get our orders in pretty dang fast. That means, if you wait, chances are good that your order isn't on that first PO we placed. Which means, by the time the shipment comes in, you're going to be far enough down the line in pre-orders that you may not get them even if we have them.

Because of the way EE ships, we'd ship stock we have, filling pre-orders first and, if we have more orders than stock, then anyone further down in line is never going to see that item showing as "In Stock". Nope, you'll just see a date change and you'll be waiting and hoping and wondering.

Add that LEGO tends to go fast and, well, now you get the urgency?

So, here's a list of the newest LEGO items listed on Entertainment Earth in the last 30 days. (if you're a real enthusiast, you can bookmark this link and you'll have a search that will always refresh to the "last 30 days/LEGO search".

Click it, check it, order what you need.

If you decide to wait and miss out, you can't say I didn't warn you ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cleavage Nemesis, Parthenogensis!

So, @NuiCobalt posted a pic of she and I at Nemesis.

Even I'm shocked at the cleavage. ;-)

If you're in L.A, she's doin' it again on 12/9. ::grin::

I Think I Left My Geek Somewhere...

I have a feeling I'm just hitting the beginning of the end of the year and all of the insanity that brings, but I seem to have waylaid my ability to snark or geek out at length.

If it's beyond Twitter length, I sort of just peter out.

Tell me I'm not alone.

It's making me feel all emo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GGD Writing Challenge - Take A Break From The Busy?

Holiday craziness is here, however, you guys are all done with NaNoWriMo, so no excuses ;-)

As this is a semi-regular thing, I'll just link you to the writing tag and let you get aquainted if you're not familiar. And check back to read the responses. I'm always blown away.


Starting points are provided below. (Thanks to @TheGeek616, @UatuTheVoyeur, and @katiedoyle for supplying them today)

You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Implication
Phrase:"Only in dreams"
Image: Precipitation under a streetlight

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens) And please feel free to invite others. ;*


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