Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking IMDB? Me?

I need someone to pay me to be a walking IMDB.

I saw this picture of John C. Reilly in Vampire's Assistant (Yes, I added the C in my head as I recognized him.)

And immediately thought to myself...

"Whoa, he looks like Paul L. Smith as Rabban in Dune"

I need a life...


  1. No, you only need a life if you also remember Paul L. Smith as Bluto in the Popeye movie and the creepy gardener in Pieces.

  2. This Vampire's Assistant movie looks so, so, SO awful. As does JCR. (And PLS for that matter.)

  3. John has the better hair though.
    I was suprised to see him in the role. It seems a bit out of character for what he's been doing these days (Either full goofball or hard case serious actor (Boogie Nights))

  4. I couldn't remember JCR's name when I saw the poster. I refered to him as "That Harkonnen-looking bastard".

    Geek minds think alike.



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