Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wednesday Writing Challenge ;-)

I love that I can say this is back by request!

The GGD writing challenge. Up to it? Need a reference? Previous challenges are here and here.

Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Muse
Phrase:"You were the first."
Image: A rain-soaked cobblestone street.

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

p.s. Tell a friend and make sure to read the comments. I'm always amazed by how good these are.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dudes In Dresses FTW!

Whitney over at Pop Candy pondered earlier today that, while she was looking forward to seeing Jude Law in drag in Sally Potter's new film "Rage", it wasn't quite what she was hoping for. Still, the mention of Law in drag sent me over to check out the story she did on her Pop Candy blog.

I'll have to admit, I agree. Especially when you consider that Eddie Izzard and John Leguizamo both appear in this film and both look better in drag than Law does.

So, I got to thinking. Got a fave guy in drag? ::grin:: I have a few.

My top 5:

1) Eddie Izzard - well, ever. He's a phenomenal Executive Transvestite. There's no other man I'd rather see in lipstick and heels.

2) The entire cast of "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". Admit it, Terrence Stamp is flawless. And, yeah people, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. In drag. Too awesome.

3) John Leguizamo in "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar". Chi Chi, you are so much more than a little Latino boy in a dress.

4) A Tie for me: John Lithgow in "The World According To Garp" and Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie" When you make me forget you're a man...Is there anything these men can't do?

5) Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick in RHPS. First of all, Tim Curry is beyond gorgeous -- and I still gasp at how amazing Barry Bostwick's leg looks during the Floor Show and Rose Tint My World...::purr!::

Got some I missed? Enlighten me so I can check them out ;-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Living Dead In Wonderland?

I generally save the fangirl toy/collectable gushing for the EE Blog and my Monday Squee, but I saw this and I had to post it up.

Living Dead Dolls Alice in Wonderland Dolls Set

Living Dead Dolls decided to take on the Alice in Wonderland Dolls theme and I think they pretty much nailed it.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boobie Wednesday: Flashing Cleavage For A Cause ;-)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been known to post a pic or two of my cleavage from time to time. Heck, I even went so far as to have @feliciaday sign my cleavage at SDCC because I knew it would make people grin.

I know the power of the girls and I'm not afraid to use them for fun. But I also like to use them for the forces of good and so I've jumped on the Boobie Wednesday bandwagon.

Boobie Wednesday is a fun (and informative) way to increase Breast Cancer awareness and help support the cause.

Not to mention, it's super easy! Take a sec to read the intro post here. Then make a cleavage avatar and start posting. Oh, and guys? You can play along. I doubt anyone'll object ;-)

The girls and I thank you. ;*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Is By Will Alone I Set My Mind In Motion.

Want to know how to get me really excited?

Use these words in a sentence: Brad Dourif.

I'm wandering through my reading and come across this story about Priest mentioning that Mr. Dourif and Christopher Plummer are joining the cast? Yeah, I clicked. That's how easy I am.

::grin:: You have to understand, I love Paul Bettany, and vampire movies are also a draw. But I've just let this one dance along on the edges of my conscious, until today. Because of Brad Dourif. ::purr::

It's the hand movements he tossed into his Piter DeVries. The sweet pained innocence of Billy Bibbit? The surety that we all have upon seeing him in Alien 3 that he's up to no good and yet, just delighting in watching him coo at the alien baby before it eats his face.

He's one of those rare and awesome Hollywood character actors. One of Those Guys. You know, the one you sort of point to and snap and say "oh DUDE, it's that guy! I love him!" But one who's been working longer than people might even know and who geeks like me know by name. (Stephen Tobolowsky, Paul Giamatti and Joe Pantoliano all fall into that category for me, and yeah, I knew who Joey Pants was WAY before Matrix ;p )

So, yeah. Brad Dourif? I love you.

::grin:: And I can even scream your name correctly. Just sayin'.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's With The Geek On Geek Violence?

Not sure why it's suddenly bugging me. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just reading through a filter, but bear with me a sec here.

If you're a Fangirl, you likely know about this first one. There's been a flurry of commentary regarding Vaneta Rogers' "Fangirl Invasion" series on Newsarama. Even I got in on it to drop my thoughts on the term "Invasion" and Ms. Rogers replied to the blog post with, what I thought, was a really well reasoned and generous comment. Still, the Fangirls are definitely taking umbrage with the concept that we're either "invading" or that we suddenly decided to like comics this morning -- or that there's been some mass conversion to geekdom thanks to the Twilight franchise.

Now, I get the anger. I do. And I sort of just let it be there because I am, at heart, a fangirl and peeved by the fact that loads of people out there just don't seem to "get it" when it comes to girls in Geekdom.

Then I got asked to check the comments over on this post regarding Halloween costumes at GeekDad. Why not. I commented. I mean, I have an opinion on the subject.

Then I'm wandering around the office and working away and the thought just kept coming back and bugging me.

My observation:

We geeks tend to like making sure we comment to things we think are non-geek friendly. And those comments are often a bit snarky or condescending in some way. It's as if, because we have the ability to dress someone down using the word "Troglodyte" instead of "moron" we are somehow better than the person we're commenting on.

So, what is it? Now that being a Geek is considered cool, why are we suddenly picking on one another? Didn't most of us spend enough time feeling picked on to know how much it sucks? Or are we getting a bit of our own back now that we're not considered social pariahs?

I mean, do I think it's sad that the media thinks women have come to Geekdom solely because of Twilight? Yeah. But do I need to pick on the writer from the comic book website who took the time to write about it? Maybe yes. But maybe I just need find a way to get the word out about what my Geek joys are and make the marketing folks out there realize they have to pick something besides Sparkly vampires to get my attention?

Just seems to me that we've got a lot of pull in a lot of places. Just not sure why we have to go taking shots at one another. Seeing as we're supposed to be on the same side here.

Oh and, for the record - yeah, I know I went to town on the L.A. Times for the SDCC thing. They asked for it. ::grin::

Guest Blogger - Battlestar Galactica: A Better Ending

by Ian Lurie

After 4+ years of barely surviving, brilliant tactics and existential wanderings, the main characters in BSG ended up abandoning all their technology and going native on a primitive earth. The only indication they didn't all get eaten by sabertooth tigers? Hera's fossilized or mummified remains.

Are you kidding me?

They deserved better. Some deserved worse. Here's my version of how the Battlestar Galactica crew should've reached their rewards or punishments:

The Galactica

Face it: She's a character. And I didn't mind her flying into the sunset, literally. But some bit of her should live on.

My ending: They save the jump drives and computer core. At worst, the human race gets to play some epic games of Quake while watching the gazelles leap by.

Lee Adama

Here's a guy who spent the entire series putting himself on the line for everyone else. First as CAG a board the Galactica, then as the commander of the Pegasus (remember his dramatic rescue of the Galactica in season 3?), then as President. He stopped a lynch mob in Baltar's trial, stopped a Cylon suicide team from venting the Galactica to space, and stopped the new President from getting nuked (twice) in the mini-series.

Conservatively, he kicked ass.

So, instead of leaving him abandoned, alone, with no internet access and no flush toilets, can we at least let him finally get together with Starbuck for real? And maybe give him a tent, for christ's sake?

My ending: Lee and Starbuck marry and live in a prefabbed structure on a beautiful stretch of African Veldt. They raise a herd of tough, smart kids of mixed sexual preference who head back to space.


After all she's been through, she just goes poof. POOF. The greatest Viper pilot, Oracle and who-knows-what-else. She Took On All Eight, for heaven's sake.


Starbuck should be at peace, in the real world, with Lee. They were meant for each other. Then, when she gets old, she can vanish to her eternal reward.

Admiral Adama

No one, except perhaps the President, gave more to keep humanity alive. The Adama maneuver (jumping into the atmosphere of New Caprica to break the Cylon blockade in Season 3) is one of the coolest geekgasmic moments in science fiction history.

So he ends up alone on a pile of rocks, weeping for his dead love.

That. Sucks. Ass.

Can he at least get to grow old with his little Starbuck/Apollo grandkids running around him, telling them stories of the great exodus? And maybe having an occasional drink with Tigh?

My ending: He buries Laura Roslin, grieves as you'd expect, then sees his family name live on. At a minimum, he doesn't die alone on what looks like the British Isles, surrounded by nothing but half-evolved monkey men.

Laura Roslin

Actually, I'm not sure what else could've happened. Roslin was the series' Christ figure, doomed to give her life to save humanity.

It was sad, but no ending can be perfectly happy.

Chief Tyrol

Not even sure what to say to this one. Just something better, OK? Make him a Boomer clone that doesn't screw him, or let him see that, in the end, Boomer did the right thing and at least made up for her ill deed a little bit.

Caprica Six

I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic to Caprica Six. But guess what? She helped wipe out billions of people. Then, just to round things out nicely, she helps betray the Cylon race, too.

My ending: She gives her life bravely to give humanity another chance. She certainly doesn't get to live out her days with them.


He's insane. Brilliant, but insane.

My ending: He shacks up with a primitive Australopithecus chick and they make missing links together.

Helo, Athena and Hera

Of all of the fleshy folk, I think these three did OK. But Hera could use some playmates. They should live near Starbuck and Apollo. See above.

Everyone else

Are you really telling me that every single survivor from the fleet went happily to Earth, where most of them would starve or die of disease? I would've been raising my hand: "Excuse me - can we at least bring some shelter and stuff?"

I understand the philosophy behind the ending. But this is about survival, and maybe a little bit of a warm feeling after 'SyFy' cancels the best series they've ever had, thereby dooming us to years of 'Megashark versus Giant Octopus' before Apple buys them for pennies on the dollar to use the channel as a huge App Store.

In the end, the Centurions got the best deal. They got to head out to the stars to rebuild their race. Don't come whining to me when they return and make us their squishy human servants.

About the author: Ian Lurie writes the marketing blog Conversation Marketing, and continually dreams up better endings for suddenly-cancelled series. Coming soon: Why the end of 'Angel' was written by morons. You can also find Ian on Twitter at @portentint

Friday, September 18, 2009

Geeks In Advertising. Help Me Crowdsource ;-)

I have an idea for a contest, but have no idea how to do it or if it would even work.

So, I'm gonna crowdsourse. ;-)

As you know, I work for Entertainment Earth (and if you don't know, where have you BEEN?)

Anyway - I was thinking about doing a contest asking for videos after seeing this Dexter vid made by Showtime using the Dexter figure. Then I started thinking about asking for a 30 second vid/commercial/ad for Entertainment Earth.

My thought is we'd get submissions. Post a certain number to get voted on and feature the winner on the EE site?

But not sure if it's something people would enjoy doing and would the promo on the site be a suitable prize?

Help me out here, Twitter and please share the link. I need input!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guest Blogger: Crimson Haired Mage

by Jenna Busch

Stop describing people by the color of their hair!!!

I have been seduced by the crack. The World of War-crack, of course. I have recently discovered Outland, I own a stuffed, talking one could accuse me of doing anything halfway. So it's hardly a surprise that I hit my local used book store and snatched up every World of Warcraft novel I could get my hot little hands on. I got a ton, but I decided to start with the War of the Ancients novels, by Richard A. Knaak. Look, I've never written a novel. It's a bit outside of my talent area. But I read constantly. You'll never find me without a book in my hand. Since I've pretty much cleared out the science fiction/fantasy section, I feel somewhat qualified to say this. Stop describing people by the color of their hair! If you tell me that a wizard has red hair, rest assured that I will believe you. And I will remember. But this guy thinks I'm stupid. Every time he mentions the character of Rhonin, a, you guessed it, red-haired wizard, he has a new way to let me know.

“Crimson tressed spell caster...”
“...his fiery hair hung disheveled...”
“from under his thick, fiery hair...”

Ya know what? I think the guy is a redhead. Rhonin is the worst of the lot, but he does it with other characters. Vereesa the elf is the “silver haired ranger” (also a reference to her “lengthy silver hair”). The dragons are “crimson behemoths (this is said ad nauseam),” “black goliaths,” “ebony clad companions,” (when they morph into humans) red leviathans.

“ mage...”
“The fiery haired human...”
“ Rhonin...”

I remember my English teacher telling us to be descriptive. “Paint a picture,” she said. I'm fairly certain she didn't mean that literally. So, please stop telling me what color everyone's hair is. Please. Put down the thesaurus and back away.

“...scarlet-haired spell caster...”
“ wizard...”


Jenna Busch is a writer of all things geek for SCI FI Wire, JoBlo, Huffington Post, UGO, IGN and Forces of Geek. A New York transplant living in Los Angeles, Jenna has been on many sides of the entertainment industry. Makeup artist, (don't stand too close, or she'll glue something to you) actor, (stopped because she felt that replacing body parts with silicone was the first step towards becoming a cyborg) and finally writing, which allows her to work in her pajamas.

Follow Jenna on Twitter:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Fidelity.

A great playlist is like writing a letter, with music.

Or telling secrets with lyrics.

Sometimes it's just because you know they'll like it.

Sometimes because you want to share things you like...

...and sometimes because the things you like say things to someone you like. ;-)

Law & Order: Liv and El.

I'm going to say this right now, right up front.

I'm ALL over the idea of Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler getting it on. For me, it's not about "if" but "when". I squee every time I see anything that even looks like a flirtatious moment and I cackle and clap happily at every innuendo.

I also know that it can't happen until the very last episode.


Still, we all know it's true. If we learned anything from the slow, painful death of anything that looked like fun in Moonlighting, we learned that letting your leads get together kills the tension. After all, it's rather difficult to play the "willtheywonttheyohpleaseGODdoitalready" game when they're doin' it, right?

But what amuses me even more than the tension, is the somersaults Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have forced the writers to do just to keep them apart.

Have you noticed?

How many episodes does it happen? They get 5 minutes together and then one of the two has to be in court or of to some interview or a doctor's appointment. They throw El through a window or Liv has a migraine or flying monkey pulled them apart.

::grin:: Okay, I exaggerated on the monkeys. But you get my point, right?

And why do they do this?

Because you can't leave Chris and Mariska in the same room without the chemistry getting so intense that you're wondering why they're not screwing on the table in the middle of the interrogation!

Which means, they either have to be either apart, or in the middle of some intense action and are rarely or ever alone. (Oh, the tantalizing alone moments we get. You know you rewind. You know you do.)

The writers tried. For a second. They let it dance there, then tried to separate them, then tried to let them address it. You can tell the writers know they have a tiger by the tail and they're just trying to hold on for dear life.

I'm beginning to think Chris and Mariska are just loving every moment of it. Next time Liv's got to smack Elliot in order to convince a perp she's on his side, just ask yourself if part of that isn't her expressing her sexual frustration ;-)

It's got to be a serious pain for the writers. I know it's got to be a trick and a half for the actors.

And it's one heck a load of fun for the viewers.

p.s. If by some miracle Dick Wolf reads this - I will pay my way to NYC and work as a local hire to do an under 5 on the show. Heck, I'll play a corpse. Just sayin'.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Show Me What You Got?

I've been home sick for a week and I need you to help me keep from going stir crazy ;-)

A down and dirty writing challenge. Up to it? Need a reference? Previous challenges are here and here.

Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Fragrant
Phrase: I don't know that I'll ever hunger again..
Image: A vast field of poppies

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

Oh and today, I challenge the writers here. Because, it's not about the saying, it's about the doing. ::wink:: So, do.

p.s. Tell a friend and make sure to read the comments. I'm always amazed by how good these are.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest Blogger: Why Mark Hamill is the Greatest Joker to Walk the Earth!

by @zombologist

Call me a purist if you like, but I humbly believe that Michael Keaton was the greatest Batman of all time. The forces of good, however, often bore me with their one track “justice” infused minds. This is why The Joker stands out as one of the more enigmatic and psychologically fascinating villains of all time. (See Comicon panel discussing Psychology of the Joker).

So, special care must be taken when you portray said villain in a moving picture show of any sort. This is where Mark Hamill shines above the rest.

The Competition

Cesar Romero

Pfft. Really guys, if any of you can say he was an amazing Joker (with a straight face), I will post a Youtube video of me back flipping over a bucket of kittens.

*NOTE* Proof is required. I don’t just backflip on command you know.

Jack Nicholson

The fact is that Nicholson played the same sadistic he always has (Shining). Nothing, except for his lines, really measured up to what I thought the Joker could be. This doesn’t mean he was a bad Joker. Before Hamill and Ledger came around, he was THE Joker as far as I am concerned.

Heath Ledger

God rest his talented soul. Almighty aside, many contemporary Bat fans consider Ledger’s Joker a masterpiece. He was fantastic, don’t get me wrong. Often his scenes were chilling and infused with months of character study. In the long run, however, it’s more interesting to listen to stories of his preparation than it is to see him though. I don’t think many will disagree with me when I say his Joker created palpable tension though.

Why Hamill Takes the Cake

Perhaps it’s the way he plays off of Harley Quinn, perhaps it is Dini’s masterful writing. The man aged like an impressionist painting, but we don’t have to look at him to enjoy what he’s done.

I’ve never met anyone that can replicate that voice, that laugh. Dini and Timm’s work is brought to life by a character that combined the campiness of Romero with the Seriousness of Nicholson and Ledger. What made Hamill so great was the range of his character.

In the other Batman iterations, Joker pretty much stays the same. He’s sadistic or campy, never both. His jokes are often tongue in cheek or black humor. Never been much of a fighter either, but Hamill’s “Mr. J” puts the fear in the Bat.

Being a kid’s show also helped the portrayal. Since they couldn’t show any death scenes, his paralyzing laughing gas would create situations usually worse than death. It’s often what we don’t see that horrifies us, something movies may have lost sight of at some point. (See what I did there?)

So roll up the sleeves and let loose kids. Who’s your Joker of choice? Will someone be lucky enough to pitch Cesar Romero in a way that gets me back flipping? Tune in to the comments, same Geek post, same Geek blog!

Zombologist currently resides in a cardboard box with an Ethernet connection that is actually just a cord punctured through the wall of that box. If you want to find this ragged individual, check twitter, where his alias is also @zombologist, or just go read this nifty story he wrote once in between incoherent ramblings.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NerdGirl Rage and the Fangirl Invasion

I’ve been mulling this one for a while. It’s one of those things that bugs me, nibbles at the back of my brain, on a background processing because I can’t get a handle on just what’s bugging me or what I want to try and say.

It’s no secret that I’ve had my GeekGirl rants when it comes to those “OMG, look, girls are into GEEKY things!” posts (case in point, my response to the L.A. Times Girls Guide to Comic Con). It’s also no secret that I am more than happy to jump on “the Twitter” and snark about articles that seem to have that same tone.

But this time, I’m not sure what I think or what my stance is.

There was an article over on Newsarama a few days back titled “FANGIRL INVASION p1 - The Changing Face (and Sex) of Fandom”. It was written by a woman and I’d say she definitely intended it to be positive. Personally, I thought it was well written and thoughtful.

It also bugged me.

As the day went on and the article got retweeted, I noticed a bit of Nerdgirl Rage in my Twitter feed. Other gals were bugged as well. But their reasons didn’t fit for me. Or it wasn’t quite why I wasn’t thrilled by it. It wasn’t the idea that Twilight fans are making Hollywood take notice of female fans. It wasn’t that people seem to be utterly shocked that girls like comics. (Now, we know that both of those things bug me, but that wasn’t what was sticking in my craw this time.)

I thought, for a few minutes, that it was because a woman wrote the article. I know it was one of the things that peeved the snot out of me about the L.A. Times article slideshow. The fact that a woman decided to condescend to other female fans by thinking we'd spend hard earned money to “do laundry on Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs” – well, we all know what I thought of that…

But Vaneta Rogers didn’t condescend in the article, so there went that idea.

And into background processing it went again.

Until this morning, when the caboose of my thought train hit me smack in the back of the noggin and the reason became clear.

I don’t like the use of the word “invasion”.


As if fandom was a male domain and we’re trying to take it by force.

If you look at the definition at
  1. The act of invading, especially the entrance of an armed force into a territory to conquer.
  2. A large-scale onset of something injurious or harmful, such as a disease.
  3. An intrusion or encroachment.

Are fangirls a disease? Are we encroaching? Is this a war and I missed it?

And, let me be fair here. I’m not slamming Ms. Rogers. I think she wrote a really good article.

But the fact that she sees it as an invasion, or that the media seems to be utterly surprised by the “Geek Girl phenomenon” (really, we’re a phenomenon?), or that it’s just occurred to them to market to the female demographic when it comes to something other than romantic comedies and chick flicks – well, that just shocks me.

After all, we’re not invading anything.

We’ve been here all along.

We’re everywhere.

Maybe we should just call it a coup?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guest Blogger: Please Be Kind to the WoW Newbie

by Jenna Busch

Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. I know you've all been playing World of Warcraft for years, and you're on your third or fourth character. You've got alts in every city and toons on both sides of the war. I, on the other hand, am a newbie. I'm Murloc-in-the-mud excited about it all. I've got a Pally t-shirt, a WoW mouse pad, and in the past month, I've read four WoW novels.

I pay my rent by writing about all things geek. I've been a gamer all my life. I play Dungeons & Dragons, and I have a collection of 20-sided dice that would embarrass Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. But until last year's Blizzcon, I managed to avoid the WoW-crack. After reporting on the Con, I was sent the games. They sat on my desk, covered in dust, until a buddy of mine couldn't take it anymore. He showed up at my house, taught me to play, and now I'm a level 59 Human Paladin named Chicknchasr. (Yes, that's a Fable reference, in case you're wondering.) I'm like a teenager who just discovered sex. I say things like, “Ooh, how cool! Did you guys know how much fun sex is? Best thing ever!” while the rest of the kids are like, “duh!” So I'm asking, please be tolerant of the over-excited pally who can't shut up.

I know I go a bit overboard. I tweet about WoW constantly and my friends think I'm crazy. Even my dog heaves a great sigh when he hears the music from the game. So I promise to control myself. But if you happen to pass a blond pally with Grunty the baby Murloc, telling everyone about how cool the post-Cataclysm landscape will be, or how I am currently wearing my talking Murloc doll on my head, don't blast me with a spell. Giggle to yourself and move on. (Any buffs would be appreciated, of course.) Soon I'll be level 80, and I'll stop clapping my hands like a child hopped up on sugar every time someone says, “blood elf”.

Jenna Busch is a writer of all things geek for SCI FI Wire, JoBlo, Huffington Post, UGO, IGN and Forces of Geek. A New York transplant living in Los Angeles, Jenna has been on many sides of the entertainment industry. Makeup artist, (don't stand too close, or she'll glue something to you) actor, (stopped because she felt that replacing body parts with silicone was the first step towards becoming a cyborg) and finally writing, which allows her to work in her pajamas.

Follow Jenna on Twitter:


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