Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shiny Firefly Stuffs and Barbarians!

Two things, while I'm thinking about it.

First of all, we added the new Serenity Little Damn Heroes Jayne Animated Maquette

(which I bought at SDCC and jumped around like a total girl over and have a pic of, even if we don't have one on the site yet.)

<------See? ;-)

Isn't he Shiny?

Number 2 thing -- I've been asked about mmy collection and I keep meaning to take pics but I keep forgetting. Plus a lot of it is tucked away. But this should make you laugh at me. One of my prized possessions? My Thundarr the Barbarian action figures!

Okay. Stop laughing ;P


  1. I had Thundarr--picked him up at the '03 SDCC--and somehow I lost him or something, because I still have his glow-in-the-dark sword. Really would like to get another one...

  2. I ain't laughin'. I've got the whole line of Toynami Hanna Barbera figures!



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