Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday Sleep!

So, if you saw a Monday Squee come out of this blog this morning, the only answer I can give you is user error.


So, I put it where it's supposed to go ;-)

I can haz bed nao!?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Whiteout and Mass Corrections

Kate Beckinsale is stalking me.


I was out yesterday and I saw her staring at me no less than 10 separate times during the day. There she was, all blue eyes and ice queen.

You've seen this poster, right?

The first time I saw it, I thought. "Oh, pretty." The second time "There's that poster again. Who is that?" Third time "Kate Beckinsale? Underworld: Ice?"

By the 6th time, my friend Forest and I were laughing about wanting to pull stray strands of hair out of our mouths and pondering why people do that all the time in pictures. Cause we just want!

By the tenth time, I had a new theory.

Want to know what it is? Well, the entire post is over here at the geek girls network.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bacon Makes Everything Better

I have come to the conclusion that everything is better with bacon.

How do I know this? Let's do a little test, shall we? Tweet the word bacon. Or post a link in your Facebook, Tumblr or FF and watch the responses roll in. There's even a site dedicated to bacon!

Bacon, unlike anything else you may randomly discuss, will get an immediate and mostly positive response.

Looking for better SEO? Want more followers? Looking for a marketing strategy guaranteed to increase customer happiness and interaction?


Bad day?


Because, if you think about it -- is there anything bacon CAN'T fix?

I mean think about it (Mmmmmm bacon):

IRS Offers a Bacon Tax Credit for early filing.
Bacon Chewable Vitamins.
Orange juice and bacon after giving blood.
Can't get laid? Bacon's cheaper and less messy!
Asylum posted an image to a bacon bra.
There's Bacon Chocolate. (thanks @infotangent)


See what I mean? ::grin::

The possibilities are endless ;-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blizzcon Wrap-Up. Short version. ;-)

So, Blizzcon.

First of all, I have to say that I fail. Because, while I got this adorable pic of this adorable girl and her adorable murloc, I came home with only a pic of either ;-(

Still, I got the shot while waiting for the Opening ceremonies on Friday and it was a great way to pass the time.

I'll keep it short, because if you were reading the tweetstream, I already know I was verbose enough for everyone.


  1. Got to see the announcement for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
  2. Squeed with joy before said announcement, during the vid and after the vid.
  3. Got to play the new Worgen class AND avoided the line thanks to a friend. (I'll admit, that made it even more awesome.)
  4. Got the highlights on the expansion and am totally stoked for a lot of the new changes.
  5. Am shaking my fist at Blizz for making me drool over changes that I won't see for a year.
  6. Got to meet and chat with one of the guys responsible for the Wrathgate cinematic at the party and had a good laugh over the constant screams in Fordragon Hold. (not to mention, I now know the names of the screamers and hadthem reproduced during the convo!)
  7. Met up with a couple guildmates (and promptly felt my poor geek girl heart break in dismay as they are both adorable and taken. Le sigh! Always the way. ::grin) I also got to smooch on a few of my other boys who made it over on Saturday. I have to say, I know some good lookin' men!
What else.

Oh yeah, I got to check out The Guild panel. ;-)

So, all in all, had a blast. We didn't stay late on Saturday, so I missed the panels later Saturday and I didn't get to see Ozzy, but I got reports on everything and it sounds like everyone had a blast.

I already know there are more informative recaps out there, but this was mine and...hey, it had a cute pic in it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make Me A Playlist? ;-)

"The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. It takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick it off with a killer to grab attention. Then you gotta take it up a notch. But you don't want to blow your wad. So then you gotta cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules." - High Fidelity

Guess what?

I'm in need of new music.

So, I'm asking YOU to make me a mix tape.

Just a list of songs is fine. I'll DL them into my iTunes with your name and listen to the mix in the order sent.

So, c'mon internet. Let's share a little musical lovin'. ::wink::

Not to mention, I'm very intrigued to see what you'd mix up just for me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Does Robert Downey Really Want To Suck?

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last five days, you’ve likely seen the rumors about Robert Downey Jr. being in talks to take on the role of Lestat in a film based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

My guess is you’ve seen the tweets both for and against, the various posts like the one from Elizabeth Rappe at Cinematical, the comments and story over at Bloody Disgusting, or the variety of entertainment and news sites that picked up the story.

That means, you know the back story for this --- and if you don’t, you’ve been under a rock or something and I’m sorry you had to have it broken to you this way. ;-)

Let me just add my two cents here, because it’s the internet and everyone has an opinion and I have my own little piece of ether in which to be calm and clear and adult about this issue, right?


What the frak are you talking about? Robert Downey Jr. isn’t Lestat, he can’t be Lestat and why is it that anyone is even indulging him in “talks”? He’s in “talks”?

I think there's two options here:

a) RDJ thinks he can play the role and approached Universal Pictures about playing the role.

b) Universal Pictures let a rumor drop regarding a film that likely hasn’t been written yet in order to float the idea so it’ll spread all over the internet and give them an instant survey of the bankability and rationality of the idea in the first place.

If it’s option A, then someone please help me talk Mr. Downey out of this idea? Look, let’s be honest. You’re not right for Lestat. Not in age or physical appearance. You’re a phenomenal actor but there’s something to be said for knowing when you’re just not right for a role. Marius? Maybe. David Talbot? That would be hot. But really now, Lestat? Lestat was a hot blond “in his 20s”. You’re 44 years old and, while I think you’re sexy and I’d let you bite my neck...well, yeah.

If it’s B, then someone needs to whap Universal right up the head and explain to them that it’s not nice to tease the Vampire Chronicles fans. Trust me. We’ve been messed with enough. Between the odd “did we cast Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise backwards?” casting in Interview With The Vampire and some of the wretched acting in Queen of the Damned (I’ll even admit to liking this movie and Stuart Townsend as Lestat and I watch it with guilty pleasure, but we all know some of the acting in it blew bloody chunks) we’ve been teased with reboots and restarts and hopes of someone “getting it right already!”.

Oh and - between yesterday when I started this post and this morning when I started linking things up, I saw that Anne Rice has given her blessing to the RDJ idea. And, I'm not buying the "It's okay if it's Robert Downey, Jr. because he's such an amazing actor" theory. I know it's her story, but can we take a moment and breathe here and remember that more than one writer has been fine with a bad casting choice if it means more money and success for the project?

I call bullsh*t.

Look, we know what this is about – Vampires are hot right now. I get it.

But if you’re marketing geniuses, then market a new Lestat film to the Twilight fans and cast some hot blond and just be honest about it.

That way I can go back to sitting in the dark and being gothy while wishing Lestat had turned Rutger Hauer when he was “in his 20s” so he could make the movie instead.


Bebop Fans? I Can Haz Swordfish?

You're going to want to hold your ears...


Okay, better now.

But..look..I mean, just look...


Cowboy Bebop Sword Fish II Soul of Popynica Die-Cast Vehicle

Cowboy Bebop Sword Fish II Soul of Popynica Die-Cast Vehicle

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Squee and Prawn Squishes.

One awesome thing about the internet? The variety of people and the awesomeness of said variety of people.

I spent the weekend helping my Mom move to Palm Springs, so the awesome ScarletScribe was kind enough to take over my Monday Squee on the EE blog.

Do me a favor and drop by? Maybe comment, maybe tell a friend?

::grin:: That way I can ask her to do it again sometime ;-)

Plus, it's a darn good squee!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear CNN, I Have A Twitter Challenge For You

I'm sure you remember all the publicity and the great deal of fanfare made when Ashton Kutcher was racing for that magic Million Follower mark on Twitter. I mean, how could you miss it? It was -everywhere-.

Now, I understand that part of that had to do with the fact that Ashton's a celeb, that his "feud" was with CNN and that Larry King was involved. But if you remember the frenzy, and the resulting flood of new Twitter users -- can we forget when Oprah joined? And then tweeted!-- then you'd have to believe that hitting a million Twitter followers has to be an event of fairly epic proportions.

Well, I have a question for all the news outlets out there.

Have you heard of @Agent_M?

@Agent_M is none other than Editor Ryan Penagos and he's currently got 979,988 followers.

I want to know when you're going to cover his "Race to 1 Million Followers"? And, if you're not, why not? It is a milestone and I think it's actually loads more relevant to the power of Twitter and social media than Ashton's campaign earlier this year. (FYI, I'm not hating on Ashton Kutcher. I'm more than happy to give him his due, but indulge my reasoning below, hm? )

If you read this article on you'd have the basics. But here's a bit more info from my personal experience. If you follow Ryan Penagos, you know he's got a thing for kittens, tacos, zombies, all things cute and he's deeply in love with his fiancee. It's also very clear that he's working with and for Marvel.Com to bring Marvel fans the most up to date news on all things Marvel.

So, yes, it's marketing and I think he's amazingly good at it.

But it's so much more than that and this is where I think Ryan not only shows the growing value in the use of social media as a marketing tool, but how to be amazingly human and help the community at the same time.

On any given day, you'll see tweets from @Agent_M answering questions for new Twitter followers about how to actually use the service. He frequently tweets about local New York taco and dessert trucks (and includes Twitter names where applicable), shares links to pet adoptions, and shares information about breast cancer awareness. I have a feeling more than one New York restaurant has seen an increase in business or interest because Ryan decided to tweet about their drink menu or the amazing dinner he just had. (Oh, can I just say, I love when he does that after too much wine. Hee.)

He was included in Wired's 100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter and he's on Twitter's recommendation list for new users when seeking interesting people to follow.

In short, @Agent_M is an ambassador for Twitter, Marvel, and New York. Not to mention, he's one of those people my Twitter feed would feel utterly naked without.

So, here's my challenge to you, CNN and any of the other news outlets who likes to talk about Twitter and the influence of the Twitterverse.

How about making this a story? ;-)

p.s. The follower count jumped up to 980,157 while I was writing this, so we only have 20K to go.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There's No Crying In WoW!

If you don't know, I play Warcraft. Daily.

I have a confession to make.

Last night I burst into tears in the middle of a raid. I mean, full on, blurred screen, choked up, throw the headset across the room, crying.

And now I feel like a total "girl".

Before I say more, let me make a few salient points.
  1. I raid with an amazing group of guys.
  2. I'm sure if anyone knew I was as upset as I was last night, they'd have stopped everything to deal with it. No one did anything or intentionally caused me to cry.
  3. I'm the only female in this particular group.
  4. I'm a damn good raider.
Okay, so. That said, let me explain. ::grin::

Last night was progression night and we -flew- through Ulduar. I'd say, with confidence, that we are a really strong guild. There aren't many of us, but we all work hard and we play hard and I'd defy any end-game guild to say we don't kick ass as far as progression, raid skills and overall player dynamic.

But, somewhere in the middle of last night, I started to get frustrated. The faster we went, the tougher it got.Not because I can't keep up with the fights, but because I was so busy worrying about if feasts were down or healthstones were up or if I had my soulstone on my healer or if I was on the banish target or where I needed to stand to make sure my healer could reach me...

Have you started chuckling yet? Have you seen the humor in this yet?

I'm a Warlock.

I'm a soul sucking banshee with demons for minions. I can call fire and shoot shadowbolts of death across great distances...

...and I'm running around the raid like a total Mom in the middle of a holiday event.

Okay. You can stop laughing now. It's not that funny.

Well, maybe it is, but it left me upset and angry and by the time it was all over, I ended up venting by tells and gtalk and going to bed and getting up again and I was all sorts of bent out of shape.

They say the light of morning puts things into perspective and I'd say it's true. I woke up this morning more determined than upset. Realizing that I needed to figure a few things out and that, while being a girl who plays WoW is awesome, being a "girl" who plays Wow...well...not so much.

So, I spent part of the morning breaking it down.

I treated it like a boss fight.

I talked to a couple people about my issue. Got some feedback. Assessed my responsibility in the situation and took a good hard look at where I need to adjust or where I need to "stand" and what I could be doing differently.

And I'd say I came up with a good strat. ;-)

But I also know that I have to make some changes. Raiding means being flexible, but it also means trusting yourself and your team. It means being able to communicate and knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

It also means knowing when something isn't your job and isn't your problem and when you have to focus.

And, let's face it people -- it's really hard to focus through tears, y'know? ;-)

So, yeah. I think they're right.

There's no crying in WoW.

::half grin:: Of course, there's loads of death and destruction, but that's what I do darlin'.

And I need another soul shard...

p.s. I got asked.'s my profile on WoWArmory ;-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Come Write With Me?

I did this a couple months back and the responses were -awesome-.

It's a game I like to play when I want to write but have no idea what I want to write. So, I'll ask friends for a starting point. In this case, I'm supplying them for you ;-)

Starting point is a word, a phrase or an image.

You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Fire
Phrase: Everything you think you know.
Image: A half written letter

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

Wanna play?

(Oh and, feel free to share this. In fact, I'd love it!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Question.

Having a small heart flutter over Gavin DeGraw as his Stripped version of "(Nice To Meet You) Anyway"pops on the iPod.

One day I'll understand why this man makes me feel this way -- all sad and happy and sexy and in love and relaxed all of the same time --

So, I figured, why not share it ;-)

What music does that to you? Just stops you dead where you -have- to listen?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shiny Firefly Stuffs and Barbarians!

Two things, while I'm thinking about it.

First of all, we added the new Serenity Little Damn Heroes Jayne Animated Maquette

(which I bought at SDCC and jumped around like a total girl over and have a pic of, even if we don't have one on the site yet.)

<------See? ;-)

Isn't he Shiny?

Number 2 thing -- I've been asked about mmy collection and I keep meaning to take pics but I keep forgetting. Plus a lot of it is tucked away. But this should make you laugh at me. One of my prized possessions? My Thundarr the Barbarian action figures!

Okay. Stop laughing ;P

GGD DoS* ZOMG!'m..

No Twitter...

No Facebook..


There is only..My Space!

The Cyber World has left me alone with the My Space Match.Com Babes!


Halp! Please, somebody. Anybody. Are you out there!


*DoS is, in this case - Denial of Sanity - assuming I had any to begin with.

Dear GeekBoy. ::grin:: The Update

Edit: I realized after reading this, that it needed a little explanation. This was a love note to geekboys in general since I'm a confirmed fan. And it could have been from me, from your current SO or anyone you may date in the future. It's supposed to be fun and sweet and sexy and, yeah.

Oh, and in response to a few folks who have questioned my sincerity or motivation...Dude. If this pissed you off, ask yourself why? If it makes you smile. Good. That's what I intended.
Moving on ;-)

I’m going to tell the world a little secret about you, geekboy.

Now, I know you. I know you’ll shake your head and look away -- with that wry chuckle and that little shrug, you know the one. You’re going to deny it when I say it and you’ll even sound sincere.

But I'm going to say it anyway ;p

You’re sexy.

You can disagree with me if you like. You can tell me I’m biased. You can argue about things like types and you can even pretend that you don’t want to believe me. But even if I am biased, even if I have a type, even if you think I’m utterly full of it, part of you wants to know why. I know you do.

And, because I’m an ornery little brat, I’m going to explain it. Here. Publicly. In detail.

I suggest you hold on to…something.

Let’s start with the basics. Everything starts with the most obvious (y'know, the things you could hardly refute without being a complete liar).

Intelligence is sexy.
Humor, which often rides tandem to intelligence -- again, sexy.
Curiosity, the desire to learn, and the drive to excel? All three = sexy.

Not just because they are traits that any woman finds attractive, but (if you want to be really honest) they’re wonderful in a lover, wouldn’t you say?

With me so far? Are we agreed on those points and can we move on?


Let’s delve a bit.

You can be shy or bold, depending on surroundings. You defy general convention. Contrary to popular belief, you are rather hard to define or categorize.

I know, I know. You'll toss media and public perception at me as some sort of argument. Sure, the movies portray you as hapless, hopeless, sightless…

(I mean, you don’t –always- wear glasses. Even if I love boys in glasses and why do you always have such intriguing eyes, wait, where was I?)

…but I know better.

Oh and, for the record, let me pause and clarify something. I know that you may not be ready to believe me. You may not see all of the things I see. Maybe you haven’t had a woman come right out and tell you these things.

But if I leave you with nothing else, I want you to know

You are sexy. Period. End of line.

You may need to learn how to be. Or find that key bit of data to make you grok the fact. You may need someone who sits across the table from you and nods as you speak, or who makes the first move, asks for the first kiss. You may need a bit of a jump start or a lot of hints.

But I see it already and, I’m telling you, damn babe



(as a note, I wrote this because I was thinking of a post for, but liked it so much I wanted to post it here. So, maybe they'll either link to it or let me do a piece for them. Either way, I appreciate the...inspiration)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Entertainment Earth Giveaway: SDCC Collectible Dexter Buttons!

If you’re a Dexter fan, you likely heard about the collectible Dexter buttons that Entertainment Earth was giving away at the show -- and you likely also heard that they went like hotcakes!

However, before you go paying for one on eBay, it seems we found a few in our bags when we unpacked.

So, here’s your chance to get one!

How, you ask? Easy.

Just send a SASE and we’ll do our level best to send you a button. We do have a limited supply, so all requests must be postmarked by 8/6/2009. If additional buttons become available we'll make a new post.

Send your SASE to:

Free Dexter Buttons
c/o Geek Girl Diva
Entertainment Earth, Inc.
12730 Raymer Street, Suite 1
North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

Buttons will be sent out while supplies last and we are unable to take requests for certain colors. Please make sure you use proper postage as we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail, or insufficient postage.

Good Luck!


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