Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calling All Geek Girls: Build A Wish List.

Okay Geek Girls (and lovers of Geek Girls ::wink:: I know you're out there)

I need your help.

As you know, I work for Entertainment Earth. ::grin:: If you didn't know, now ya do. ;-)

Anyway, I'm thinking about putting together a section on the EE site for geek girls and so I want to spotlight the items we sell that geek girls dig.

However, since we geek babes come in various flavors of fandom, I'm tossing this out there for your feedback as well.

Wanna help? Here's how:

1) Go to the Entertainment Earth website and poke around.

2) Once you locate an item or items you like, drop the link in a comment to this post. (I'm hearing there may be c & p issues. If so, email me? geekgirldiva(at)gmail(dot)com )

That's it. Easy, right?

So, spread the word, tell a friend and let's build a section full of all kinds of win. ;-)


  1. giggle

    I could go on.... smirk...


    For some reason I couldn't copy+paste here. Anyway, loooove Harley Quinn.

  3. Well of course, I like
    let me see what else! there's so much on the site!

  4. got lost over there for a while daydreaming found four things i wold buy right now if i could...
    I'm a Supergirl fangirl:
    Still collect my little ponies :P
    And i'm totaly in love with Ms. Page

  5. This geek girl is quite enamored of everything Cthulhu.

    The statues are *amazing*! The plushies are fun, too.

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

  6. Love love love The Dude dream sequence bobblehead.


  8. I tried my best to limit it. I swear... I sort of geeked out in the Doctor Who section..

    Batman -

    Harry Potter -

    Thor Hammer [Who doesn't need one of those?]

    Star Trek! -

    Where the Wild Things Are -

    Watchmen -

    And, DOCTOR WHO.

    I didn't even look at prices...

  9. Heh, they won't be here until later this year, but I like...

    And also...

    *facepalm* Way to tempt yourself with things you can't afford, self.


    I want too much stuff, I want it all! If I could afford it my house would just be inhabited with action figures and Id move all the real people out!

  11. Heya, a friend of mine in the Twitterverse pointed me here. :) Wish list! Oh, I could SO build a wish list. Product #'s in parentheses since I can't paste links in the text box.

    Supergirl in neon (DC28758)
    McCoy's tricorder (DC17743)
    (Oh heck, just add everything 'Trek to the list. Ditto Firefly.)
    For the younger geek girls (and some not so young -- don't laugh, a friend of mine collected big time): My Little Pony
    Tim Burton!
    Harry Potter!
    Aliens! Can we just put nearly everything on the wishlist? Except wrestling, maybe. And I'm not a fan of anime & manga, but I know others who are.

    Hmm. Turns out I'm really no help. I'll take one of everything, please.

  12. Can I please ask that said geek girl section NOT be pink? ;)
    And ALL the Final Fantasy plushes. So cute.

    Plus, you could always expand your merchandise a little. Why not add these guys ( You would earn the undying devotion of a lot of geek girls if you did. ;)

  13. I'm having problems copying and pasting too.

    I'd continue but then I'd start shopping. :D


    One can never have too much Doctor Who stuff.

  15. Definitely like anything Cthulhu! This especially:


    I tried to pick stuff that I could put in my office at work :)

  17. First of all, I had a near melt down after seeing all the awesome stuff on the site, how could I ever browse everything?!

    That being said, here are a few of my favs (Who wouldn't want a Captain’s Chair) (My Little Pony + Super Hero = awesome) (Light Saber Glow Lamp) (Star Wars Nesting Dolls) (Hopefully this won’t trigger a murderous rampage)

  18. This Tricorder is pretty sweet:

    Pretty much anything plush and cthulhu is great:

    If I could afford it:

    So apparently I really love Star Trek toys:


    I nearly bought this the other day:

    I don't oftn buy action figures but I could have fun with these:

    I'm sure there's some great Star Wars stuff but I'm getting tired of catalog browsing.

  19. i got a retweet on twitter from cleolinda, so i'm dropping you an email with the stuff i thought was awesome. lots of star trek, doctor who, comics.


    If you had Doctor Who toys, I'd be drooling over those, too.

  21. Can't copy and paste and feeling lame because I couldn't figure it out lmao

    My List:

    Pet Eye View Digital Camera #UM1538
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comics
    Serrenity Zippo
    Somewhere Under The Ranibow stuff
    Batman ANYTING

  22. It would appear that I can continue to contend to my friends that I am not a geek (gal) despite my several Slave Leia costumes, Star Trek: The Experience paraphernalia, original Farscape props, and whatnot--because there is absolutely nothing I could find that I would want to buy on the EE site.

    I do have a male friend who is interested in the ST colognes, but I came away with notta to disclose, I'm afraid.

  23. Considering my current Star wars obsession, I'd get these:
    Old Ben DC70220 and GE9604
    Asajj and Dooku GE10193
    CW Obi-Wan GE11697
    and every single Lego Star Wars.

  24. Pokemon Keychains. :D
    A bunch of the Hellboy figures.
    I don't think I'd actually buy them though. They're kind of just things I find neat...maybe the keychains if it was just one Pokemon and not a bunch. lol



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