Friday, February 20, 2009

GeekBabe FTW!

First of all, let me say that Jennifer Holliday's version of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" remains the best version. Hands down and bar none. I love my iPod right now!

Now, onto what I started with and what I was thinking about.

The weekend is approaching and my TiVo's going to get a work out. BSG, Dollhouse and TSCC are all on deck for tonight. That means I'll get to spend time this weekend cozied up on the chaise in geekjoy munching on popcorn and watching my kick ass babes.

Has anyone else noticed that, while there may not be a plethora of weapon wielding women on the big screen, they've been growing in number on the small screen?

Remember all the bruhaha when people found out that GASP Starbuck was gonna be a chick? I ask you. Can you picture anyone else in the role now? (On a side not, I want her tattoo. wantwantwant)

Not that I even meant to go here and not that I really planned on saying much. But I did just realize that I look forward to my weekends, not just for the free time, but because it means I get time with the babes and -- for a little while -- I can be just as epically cool as they are.

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