Friday, February 27, 2009

Mind Control and other Fun Activities.

I got to see one of these in action and I heard about the other one. But both of them make me squee in delight and I'm now trying to figure out how to hack the Force Trainer to power the R2. Any suggestions?

So, this is the Star Wars The Force Trainer. (child not included)

Article here so you can read more about it.

And this, is the Star Wars Clone Wars Remote Control R2-D2 (imagine delighted sounds here)

Just gotta say. It's a good time to be a geek.

Credit to the Star Wars Blog for the pics. Because they know everything. ;-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Name Is Talking Tina...

...and I think this is pretty darn cool.

CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, announced today an anniversary program to celebrate one of the most influential series of our time – The Twilight Zone. The program will begin with five licensing entities who will develop merchandise in celebration of the TV show’s 50th birthday. Products will include a broad array of items including games, dolls, keepsake ornaments and even a 50th anniversary commemorative stamp.

“The Twilight Zone has made a profound mark on entertainment and the world of pop culture at large,” said Liz Kalodner Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. “The merchandising program focuses on the iconic nature of the brand and will appeal to all generations of fans.”

CBS is especially proud that the United States Postal Service is creating a 50th Anniversary commemorative stamp slated for release in August 2009. Additionally, UK-based game maker Gamaka© has licensed the rights to manufacture both a new interactive trivia DVD game as well as a board game inviting fans to test their knowledge of the classic series. The announcement comes just on the heels of Toy Fair 2009, as both games are set to hit stores this fall.

Other licensees who have signed up to honor The Twilight Zone include:
• Bif Bang Pow! - Figures and bobble heads based on the most renowned episodes from the original series
• Rittenhouse Archives LTD – Trading cards using images from various episodes
• Hallmark Cards, Inc.- Keepsake ornaments to be released for the 2009 holiday season

The Twilight Zone is part of a new branding initiative by CBS Consumer Products designed to bring together the greatest collection of classic TV icons ever assembled under one name: Television City. The new banner includes merchandise from TV’s most iconic properties including Cheers, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days and more. The creation of the Television City umbrella has made the brands more accessible to both consumers and retailers alike through distinctive packaging and signage. Currently, Television City is one of the largest classic television libraries in existence with well over 150 beloved shows.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Call Me Miss Misc.

It's been one of those days where there's just been too much good stuff. Holy mackerel! I was going to go to all the trouble of writing a post but then, the items info started coming in and I started surfing and so I'm just gonna share the goodies.

I can haz toyz!?!

We got new pics for the Dexter 7-Inch Action Figure and he looks...oddly happy. ::grin:: Plus, you can read the blog post for more info at the Bif Bang Pow! blog.

They got posted ages ago and then went poof and now, suddenly, they're back! G.I. Joe Vehicles Wave 5 now available for pre-order.

Domo + Qee = Win! or the Domo Qee Mystery Box Display

OMG. Zombies!. Yep Flesh Eating Zombies Figure Set. Can you say BRAAAIINNNSS!!!!

One for the Star Wars Geeks ;-) Star Wars Framed First-Day Covers Stamps

So, yeah, this is me today. Chillin' to Tori Amos on the iPod, looking at toys and planning mischief.

Not bad ::grin::

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ghost Writer: Day 2 (Baz Anderson)

When I was a kid, about 11 years old, Star Wars had just come out and was a huge hit before the term blockbuster had really been coined. Our teachers would often ask us why we were bringing little statues (action figure) into the classroom. They were wholly unaware of the delights of George Lucas' newly minted masterpiece, and how badly my friends and I wanted to fly off into space. We all wanted to be Jedi.

There weren't a lot of toys available for young Star Wars fans. It was said in the newspapers and magazines where I would seek out new information about this exciting new universe that George Lucas would not license any of the blasters or Light Sabers because they were weapons of war. I have no idea if that is to true or something created by a fevered newspaper man's imagination. But though a few action figures and other things trickled into toy stores, none of the weapons wielded by the heroes we've come to love were anywhere in sight. So when I ran across an ad in TV Guide for obviously unofficial "Light Swords" I got my parents to send away for one right away.

I waited for several weeks patiently, and what I got in the mail a while later was basically a flashlight with a flimsy plastic cone attached. It actually was rather fun, lit up nicely and I was able to duel with others who had bought the same toy, although the two tended to bend under the strain of young Jedi training. Even so I have fond memories of firefly-filled evenings spent with the back porch light turned off, and the sounds of a young Padwan struggling to learn the basic moves (ie: look cool) of his dangerous new glowing weapon.

I recently walk into a bookstore and saw the Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber for myself. I got to pick one up and heft it. I think I was expecting it to feel much like my old T.V. Guide "Lazer Sword". Instead I found a rather weighty item with a solid, beautifully bright "Blade" (a far sturdier and thicker grade of plastic tubing with bright lights filling it with magic from my childhood dreams) and an overall beautiful design.

Now the light saber that I saw in the bookstore was more than twice as much as the Entertainment Earth Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber Construction Kit, and did not allow for different configurations of the handle. So forget 1970's TV guide ads and weapons makers at Mos Eisley (it's really turned into a hive of scum and villainy these days) and head to for all you Jedi needs.

Baz Anderson is the creator of

Friday, February 20, 2009

GeekBabe FTW!

First of all, let me say that Jennifer Holliday's version of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" remains the best version. Hands down and bar none. I love my iPod right now!

Now, onto what I started with and what I was thinking about.

The weekend is approaching and my TiVo's going to get a work out. BSG, Dollhouse and TSCC are all on deck for tonight. That means I'll get to spend time this weekend cozied up on the chaise in geekjoy munching on popcorn and watching my kick ass babes.

Has anyone else noticed that, while there may not be a plethora of weapon wielding women on the big screen, they've been growing in number on the small screen?

Remember all the bruhaha when people found out that GASP Starbuck was gonna be a chick? I ask you. Can you picture anyone else in the role now? (On a side not, I want her tattoo. wantwantwant)

Not that I even meant to go here and not that I really planned on saying much. But I did just realize that I look forward to my weekends, not just for the free time, but because it means I get time with the babes and -- for a little while -- I can be just as epically cool as they are.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"NYTF: Wonder Woman statue based on Adam Hughes art. (Hawtsome.)"

This one is just too easy.

Adam Pawlus (our resident Toy Evangelist) just got back from NYTF and he's Tweeting updated pics.

Tweets here: @entearth

Not much else. Babes and more babes should be enough for any fankid today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh no, not the Bog of Eternal Stench!

If you plan on mocking me for liking Labyrinth or thinking this is cool, then imagine me sticking my fingers in my ears and going "lalalalalalalalala" when you say it.

Granted, I'm not sure about the teeth. But the hair and the cape and of Jareth is dreamy and scary and all of the things he was in the movie.

And Hoggle. Well, can't you just imagine putting him in the fridge for a friend to find next to the butter or something? ;-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tell Auzuregos we said "sup".

Granted, I asked the question on my Twitter earlier, but it really did get me thinking.

"Okay, question for the guys...why do so many action figures have BULGING muscles but TINY shorts? Is that what guys aspire to? ::evil grin::"

I want to know who designs these things and why they like to make figures that look like they should be in front of the Baseball Commission along with A-Rod being asked about HGH.

Just sayin'.

In other news, I've been:

1) watching the pics come in from ToyFair and drooling. @ToplessRobot caused me to squee aloud with this post of an upcoming WoW babe (For the record, I understand exactly why she looks this way, fellas).

2) waiting for the impending challenge of a lightsaber duel between @GreatWhiteSnark and @Topless Robot. And trying to decide who will manage to get the video to @bonniegrrl first.

3) Trying not to drawn in the outofnowehere deluges of rain that seem to come and go without warning.

4) Staring at pictures of Hugh Jackman.

5) Oh and still laughing about this contribution to the Dear Kel'Thuzad thread on the WoW Forums.

"Dear Kel'thuzad,

It looks as if it is working. Our idea of stealing most of the Bag of Candies and melting the Ice Stone has confused the travelers. This distraction has made many cry. The tears taste good and strengthen me.

Malygos "

So, how about you?

What are YOU doing?

(Yes, this is me requesting you comment. :;wink:: )

Monday, February 16, 2009


Albotas has Munny Monday. It's a holiday. So, why not do something different.

Monday Links! somehow has images of new items even I haven't seen...

EE Star Wars Mighty Muggs Exclusives for 2009!

@taurenlegend said Zombies + Valentine's Day = good times?

It is @levarburton's b-day. Happy B-day!

Best WoW Forum thread EVAR!

GEEK MADNESS: Geek 16, Part 2 courtesy of @cerebus19

Because I need to show her off... @Mercuralis has some lover art at

Other than that, it is pouring rain here and I am currently trying to figure out how to get more people to come join the Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program. I still think a LoLcats banner would be epic....

Friday, February 13, 2009

What Is Love? (Baby Don't Hurt Me..)

Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day coming up. Maybe I still have the comment I read in this article on /film yesterday.

“For the record, Merriam-Webster defines a fanboy as, ‘A boy who is an enthusiastic devotee (as of comics or movies).’ Interesting that they don’t include the term fangirl, which I hear all the time. Can’t a girl be just as enthusiastic as a boy, Merriam-Webster?”

My first thought was “Frakkin’ A, she can!”

That says a lot, right there, hm?

So, as a fangirl/GeekGirl/GothBabe whathaveyou and in honor of GeekLove I decided to write up the:

Top Ten Benefits of a GeekGirl.

1) If we end up dragging you to the mall to go shopping, you’re more likely to end up playing with new laptops at the Apple Store than sitting around by the dressing room at Windsor Fashions.

2) If you get wife/gf aggro on WoW, it’s just because you got her killed. AGAIN.

3) You always have someone to discuss plot points of Dollhouse, Firefly, BSG and Burn Notice with during the obligatory TiVo commercial skippage.

4) We don’t complain about the space your toy collections take up. (Just the fact that you have a better one!)

5) Our SDCC costume is much more likely to get you free swag, photo ops and line cuts for autographs than yours.

6) We understand that you don’t actually answer the phone you carry and just text or Tweet those last minute shopping lists.

7) We have no problem with you hanging with the guys for poker night on Xbox Live – it gives us more time for Anime and Alcohol Saturdays with the girls.

8) We understand that, when we buy you comics, we need to get you a reading copy AND a copy for the collection.

9) Instead of being that chick who calls you a nerd and walks away, we smile invitingly and beckon you closer.

10) We understand the inherent value in a good Frak. ;-)

I’d love any additions and comments are welcome. This is, as always a work in progress. Because, you know, everything could use a tweak. ;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ghost Writer: Day 1

Stumbled across Baz Anderson on Twitter this morning then tripped over his blog I R Klutz!). Once I did (and due to the fact that I just haven't been able to find my ability to write today) I lured asked him to come over and write my post for me today. My first guest blogger!

Motoko Kusanagi tears through Ghost In The Shell like a woman possessed. She is a beautiful, but troubled woman - a killing machine - a human brain transplanted into a cyborg body who pushes herself to the limits because she wants to know who she really is. If you've seen any of the many manga, anime or films will you know that her ice cold exterior hides a burning core of conflicting emotions.

I love this particular statue because it is a simple, elegant reminder of one of the most original anime characters ever created. The color palette used and the careful attention to the detail of the uniform is exquisite. It is understated. It is like a moment of calm before the storm. I can almost imagine walking into section 9 and seeing Motoko waiting, wondering why we're late to set out on our next assignment.

If you love the art of anime, then you can appreciate the difficulty of translating the hyper-reality depicted in your favorite works into a tangible form. Pieces like this that remind you why you love a particular character and draw you in to that character's world are priceless.

Baz Anderson is the creator of and I offer humble Geek Girl thanks for his help today ;-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make You Bust Out Of Your Blouse!

Patience is not my strong suit. Really. Not. Especially when I'm waiting for something I want NEED!

But I have been a good and patient girl and I am waiting...

::mutter, grumble::

Okay. Okay. OKAY.

Can I has my Serenity Fruity Oaty Bar Limited Edition Signed Lithograph NAO!?!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nerd vs. Geek? I R Both!

I was having a conversation with some of my WoW boys recently (For the record, I am one of a few chicks in my guild, but we are few in comparison to the guys) and started having one of those "Where do you meet girls who like WoW" conversations.

Much poetical waxing ensued and talk of where to meet certain kinds of girls -- which then led me to muse that there were never guys looking for GeekGirls like me and so on and so forth.

Then I got a note that I was being followed on Twitter by @MyNerdGirl and, upon further clicking, I discovered they have a website

Can I just say, it made me wish I was single for a sec? ;-)

I wish I were an Anime Babe ::le sigh::

I have no idea if it's the rain and cold, or the fact that everyone at work has the PLAGUE, or the possibility that my immune system has been taken over by some alien virus (I suppose it could be a combination of all of the above...) -- but "the sick" managed to lay me low for quite some time.

However, I did come back to a very pretty new addition to the EE site and so I figured I'd make mention.

I've always liked the Kanu Unchou items -- I'll admit, I'm more partial to the ones where she has her clothes ON, but everyone has their preferences. I've never seen Ikki Tousen (I'm sure I'll get there eventually -- just have to work through stacks of other Anime first) and I don't have any reference beyond the actual figures, but that seems to be enough for me.

I just think she's super gorgeous and I love this item in particular, so I thought I'd share.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GeekDad /salute

If you've been reading, it's no secret I've become a fan of the guys over at GeekDad. Maybe I have GeekDad envy. Maybe I'm trying to get them to adopt me...dunno.

Either way, after reading a recent post and musing to myself about their love of Top 10 lists, I wrote one up as a giggle.

Top Ten Toys for GeekDads and GeekSpawn

1) The EE Exclusive Star Wars Boba Fett and Carbonite Maquette (Number 1 -- because it's JUST THAT COOL!)

2) Exclusive Star Trek Original Series Medical Tricorder (PLEASE NOTE: Must be used at the opening of the Star Trek movie to embarrass your kids)

3) Doctor Who Time Squad 5-Packs Assortment Set (To train little hands for the 14th Doctor)

4) Star Trek Classic Captain Kirk Chair Replica (Just to remind Everyone that Dad really is "The Man")

5) Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set (You can buy multiples and everyone can make a different saber!)

6) NERF Dart Tag Hyperfire Deluxe 2-Player Set (Because you can't kill your kids in real life ::grin::)

7) Star Wars Ahsoka Super Deformed Plush (For nighttime cuddling. Teddy bears are -so- not Geek)

8) Mighty Muggs Customizable Blank White Vinyl Figure (For those geek family art projects)

9) LEGO 7675 Star Wars AT-TE Walker (Because LEGO + Star Wars = Win!)

10) What…there is no 10! I have to do everything? ;-)

Suggestion for the next Top Ten list (inspired by my husband's response to a recent GPS we got):

Top Ten Gadgets You Want To Take Apart Just To See How They Work.

I can has Hawt Chicks Nao!

While checking my blogs and such, I was treated to the variety of pics of the Fantasy Figure Gallery Akira Statue over at Quick Stop Entertainment.

Can I just say that, seeing her in all her glory had me pushing the "click to buy" button almost immediately!

I loved this review, so I wanted to share. Seriously, take the time to read it ;-)

You can also head to Michael’s Review of the Week - Captain Toy for more reviews like this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Precise Padawan Prop?

I may be about to get whacked for the question, but how do you do a realistic replica of an animated weapon? I'm not geek enough to figure out the math involved. But then, I couldn't do that thing in school where you drew a graph on a small pic and then drew it in larger scale based on the graph.

Either way...I think this is pretty wicked cool.

Plus, this version of the Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber Replica is the Director's Signature Edition with Dave Filoni, the Director of The Clone Wars, and written signature on each and every plaque.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Got Your Rainbow Brite Rite Here!

I wish I knew what it was about this Pony that made me like it so much. I mean, in all seriousness, I don't DO Ponies. I never collected MLP and I hated the commercials and still...


I adore the My Little Pony Blue Collector Pony more than I can say.

It's got to be the color scheme. Right? I mean, I love cobalt blue and the contrast against the black is awesome and all I can think when I look at it is "GOTH PWNY! Squee!".

But it doesn't mean I don't feel guilty about it.

Think they have a support group for this problem?


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