Monday, December 28, 2009

No Strings Attached, No Guilt Involved? A Sure Thing.

My love for John Cusack is well known among my friends.

However, it's not because of Say Anything as most women might explain.

Nope. My love for John Cusack was sparked by The Sure Thing and, while this scene wasn't the scene that started the fire in my bosom, it was the one that sealed the deal.

To this day, I still want to know how much of this was improv.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

#notsosecretsanta Star Wars Christmas Bounty Hunting!

It's Christmas Eve, I'm at work, I have internet and the bosses are out.

Know what that means? That means I gotta cause trouble and find a way to stir things up a bit.

So, I had this idea. A Twitter gift exchange. First I thought of a Secret Santa, but since you know who's giving the gift, I couldn't use that...

However, I am not one to be deterred, so I have created a "Not So Secret Santa" giveaway.

This is my contribution. The corner's a little dented, but he's otherwise perfect.

If you want to see better item detail, here's the link at Entertainment Earth.

He'll be gifted today and mailed out after the holiday. Wanna enter? Check Twitter and look for the #notsosecretsanta tag to win ;-)

Want to play along and be a #notsosecretsanta? Great! The more the merrier!

Edit at 1:00 PST:

Wow! @thinkgeek @NSSteph and @NerdHeroine have jumped into the #notsosecretsanta party!

Thanks so much for sharing the love and holiday spirit!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby: Geek Version

I am crushed that I didn't think of this. However, this young lady may be the most awesome present I get this year ;-) Thanks so much to my girl @meleanna1 for the tipoff!

You can find her here on YouTube. I'd say it's worth a look ;-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My "RT" 2 anyone who made me smile in '09 ;-)

It's easy, during this time of year, to get so wrapped up in the frenzy of all the things that "have to get done" and forget to take a little time to breathe.

If you have kids, or have travel plans or work in retail, my guess is, you haven't had a chance to relax since sometime mid-November.

Which means, here and now, I'm taking a moment to look pointedly at you and remind you.


The truth is -- if you don't get every gift, or if you're a little late to that holiday party, or you end up on the phone with your credit card company because your card got "blocked for security" -- the people that love you won't stop loving you.

The sky won't fall. Your kids will still have a great holiday. You'll come up with a workaround for pretty much every issue that may come up. Because, even though you may forget from time to time, you always manage to make it work.

So, slow down a bit. Take the time to thank that salesperson, or to listen to carolers in the mall, or to linger over breakfast with your family in the morning.

Slow down and take a moment to breathe and enjoy the people around you.

Because, in the end, it's not about gifts and it's not about stuff. It's not about getting that "hot new toy" and being willing to trample people in line at the superstore.

It's about people. The ones that make you smile. The ones you love. The ones who make you laugh.

There's a thread going on Twitter right now. It's beautiful in its simplicity. Started by the ever adorable @geekgirls.

" PLZ RT 2 anyone who made you smile in '09. It may surprise you how many you get back."

Truth is, I don't have enough room to RT to all of the people who made me smile this year. Not without spending a good chunk of my afternoon posting.

But it got me thinking and so I decided to write this in the spirit of the request.

Thank YOU for making me smile this year. I appreciate it more than you know.

Much love,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Racism in Avatar? My Reponse to io9.

When you read a headline like "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like 'Avatar'?", you know there's going to be a definite bent to the story and a lot of opinion. Race is always touchy, no matter what you say, and opinions are something I generally give a lot of leeway too because people are entitled to them (IMHO.)

But this one stuck with me and, much as I wanted to just let it go, I can't.

I preface this by saying this is entirely my opinion. I respect Annalee Newlitz over at io9. I think she's a pretty sharp lady and a damn good writer.

Still, I have to say, on this one -- I have to heartily disagree. She's tagged the article as a #rant, but then uses the word "debate". If you read through it, she's not pondering IF Avatar is racist or not weighing both sides against the middle. She's got her opinion and she's giving evidence for it.

A white male made Avatar and you think that means something about race. If Spike Lee had made Avatar, there's would be an entirely different set of theories about the racist nature of the movie.

Race is a tricky thing to talk about. Period. And when you come out and state that a movie like Avatar is some sort of "white guilt" thing, you're going to get reactions. A headline like that is going to cause a reader to jump to the link -- and, maybe that was intended.

Now, do I think racism occurs? Hell yes. Daily. Do I think it's fair? No. If I had my way, people wouldn't be judged by race, skin color, gender, sexual preference, weight, religious views and so many of the other things we find to dislike and separate ourselves from others for.

But do I think James Cameron made a racist movie?


James Cameron is a moviemaker who gives strong roles to women and hires multiple ethnicities. Look at his past. Look at the Terminator franchise. Look at Aliens. Look at The Abyss. Then look at Avatar. There's a common thread. Technology vs. humanity. The Company vs. the little guy. Immersion into the alien life? Finding love along the way? All Cameron movie common themes.

If you're going to call James Cameron a racist for Avatar, then are you going to to call him a racist against Jews for picking a white guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a heavy Austrian accent to be the downfall of the human race? Do we push the envelope and say Cameron thinks "aliens" are out to get us? That they want to "integrate" into our lives and destroy us from within?

Okay, okay, so I'm being deliberately hyperbolic to prove a point.

Let's back up just a bit and look at this.

In the case of Avatar, he's made a movie about corporations not caring about indigenous peoples, about someone being a leader and really cool effects.

Like he has numerous times before.

Annalee, with all due respect -- you ask a question like "When will white people stop making movies like 'Avatar'?" and I respond "When will people stop looking for a controversy in everything?"

Because there's enough real racism and division in the world. And enough hyperbole already without adding more.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LA Geek Girls Infiltrate Karl Strauss

I have a feeling there's one or two people who likely had something to say about the amount and variety of laughter at Karl Strauss last night. I don't doubt that there was someone who heard a squeal and looked over in something akin to disgust at "childish" behavior.

But, y'know what?

I doan care ;-)

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with @TheNerdyBird, @sarahkuhn, @acomicbookgirl, @BaronessHeather, @talbarran, @melissa_kay and @trayceeking for a L.A. Geek Girl tweetup and, I have to say, I haven't had that much fun in a while.

My favorite line of the night? Well, there were two:

1) "So, he walks up to me, pulls down his pants and says. Does this look...wrong?'
2) "If she was a real woman and had a rack like that, she'd have a shirt on that said 'Hey, my face is up here!'"

The conversation was varied, the women intriguing and the beer flowed.

Personally, I hope we do it again real soon ;-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Man They Call.....Jayne! Blue Sun Ads For Jaynestown.

This makes my Browncoat heart dance with glee! There's a Canton Poster. Look! Look at what it says!

Behold - The Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (Series 2).

You're going to want to click to get a better view of these. Trust me. ;-)

They're set for January and I'm definitely going to suggest you pre-order if you want them. That way you're in the first shipments going out to retailers and you're not left waiting as your friends are running off to the framers without you.

p.s. If you missed the first round, I'm putting handy links in to the Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (series 1) and the Serenity Blue Sun Travel Wavecards (love!).

Keep Flyin!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barbie In Leather, With Ken!

I don't know what it is with Mattel these days, but they seem to have a direct line to the wishlist in my head for awesome-sauce.

Now, you know I had a blast with the Sugar Daddy Ken.

Well, it's somehow gotten more awesome!

Entertainment Earth just listed the Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset!

Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset

Go on, click the picture for the detail. 

  • Barbie and Ken have tattoos! 
  • Ken's rockin' the patented Pattinson Twilight hair style (yes, I know, it's supposed to be that "motorcycle windblown" look).
  • Barbie's biker babe chic and I think this Ken looks pretty dang sexy!
  • Is that a wallet chain on Ken?

C'mon, between the leather, the logos and the motorcycle boots...tell me it's not pretty epic. ;-)

Nice job, Mattel!

Dear Dream Factory. You SUCK!

I would like to lodge a formal complaint with my subconscious.

It's clear to me that it's out to get me and does not have my best interests at heart.


I had a dream last night in which Nathan Fillion propositioned me for sex and, somehow (and I seriously have no idea how this is possible) I said no.


In what universe would I do that?

It's got to be something I ate, or a glitch in the Matrix. Whatever it is, I am NOT happy and I demand another take.

Because that was obviously a blooper. Let's be honest. I just forgot my line, right? That's it. I forgot my line. And we know who to blame for that, right?


Friday, December 4, 2009


If you like LEGO, I have a little insider info for you.

Entertainment Earth just posted a ton of new LEGO items. Like....seriously a lot.

If you want them, order them NOW. Don't "check back" and don't wait. Pre-order. You're not billed till they come in. But you're reserving a pre-order and that's key.

See, here's the deal. We get the LEGO item details and we have to get our orders in pretty dang fast. That means, if you wait, chances are good that your order isn't on that first PO we placed. Which means, by the time the shipment comes in, you're going to be far enough down the line in pre-orders that you may not get them even if we have them.

Because of the way EE ships, we'd ship stock we have, filling pre-orders first and, if we have more orders than stock, then anyone further down in line is never going to see that item showing as "In Stock". Nope, you'll just see a date change and you'll be waiting and hoping and wondering.

Add that LEGO tends to go fast and, well, now you get the urgency?

So, here's a list of the newest LEGO items listed on Entertainment Earth in the last 30 days. (if you're a real enthusiast, you can bookmark this link and you'll have a search that will always refresh to the "last 30 days/LEGO search".

Click it, check it, order what you need.

If you decide to wait and miss out, you can't say I didn't warn you ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cleavage Nemesis, Parthenogensis!

So, @NuiCobalt posted a pic of she and I at Nemesis.

Even I'm shocked at the cleavage. ;-)

If you're in L.A, she's doin' it again on 12/9. ::grin::

I Think I Left My Geek Somewhere...

I have a feeling I'm just hitting the beginning of the end of the year and all of the insanity that brings, but I seem to have waylaid my ability to snark or geek out at length.

If it's beyond Twitter length, I sort of just peter out.

Tell me I'm not alone.

It's making me feel all emo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GGD Writing Challenge - Take A Break From The Busy?

Holiday craziness is here, however, you guys are all done with NaNoWriMo, so no excuses ;-)

As this is a semi-regular thing, I'll just link you to the writing tag and let you get aquainted if you're not familiar. And check back to read the responses. I'm always blown away.


Starting points are provided below. (Thanks to @TheGeek616, @UatuTheVoyeur, and @katiedoyle for supplying them today)

You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Implication
Phrase:"Only in dreams"
Image: Precipitation under a streetlight

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens) And please feel free to invite others. ;*

Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Blogger: Mario And Luigi Are Sadistic, Mushroom Popping Bastards

by Georgia (Geo) Guzman (@NerdSalad)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend my brother came down to celebrate with us. After nerd-raging on Modern Warfare 2 so bad that I slammed by mouse to the desk and broke it, we made the insane trip to Best Buy on Black Friday (It's a trap!), to get a new mouse. Naturally, whenever surrounded by aisles of geekery, you are bound to look around, and I remembered that we talked about getting the new Super Mario Bros. Wii. The review videos I had seen looked fun, and the multiplayer aspect would be perfect. We grabbed the game, an extra Wiimote/Nunchuck, and raced home with the excitement that can only be achieved when in the possession of a new video game.

Fast forward about 20 minutes, and I am wrestling with the hard plastic case the Nunchuck is encased in, while my boyfriend is fascinated with the game case, and how the game disk pops in and out ultra-smoothly (entranced pushing the button repeatedly), my brother is downing his double shot Mocciato, of which one sip will make you hyper for about 5 minutes, and the cat is burrowing inside the blue Best Buy bag making crinkly noises. After the nunchuck was emancipated from its clear prison, we assumed the position in front of the TV, and prepared to get our nerd on.

Considering all three of us are big gamers, the prospect of Mario sounded like a walk in the park. I mean we were playing Modern Warfare 2 ground wars about 2 days straight before this. I was totally wrong. Wario must have pulled a "Face-Off" because this Mario is an evil plumber with a recipe for spontaneous expletives, Wiimote throwing, and more "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" yelling than should be allowed.

The very first world, were talking 1-1 here, was a rude awakening in things to come. The level loads, and I hear the familiar Marioesque jingles that make you feel happy inside. We see the regular blocks, and a Goomba strolling around. We rush forward (2 controllers, so we took turns), and we both accidentally bump each other into the Goomba trying to hit the ? block, so yes, we both just died in the first world of the first level in Mario Super Bros. Wii. That was actually pretty hilarious, and after a good nerdy chuckle we go again. The problem though, is that bumping other characters is actually a real problem in the game. Some levels require you to stand in exact places, or face a huge spiky block or lava pit death. One small nudge sent my very own brother, and resident Luigi into a pit of doom several times like this.

Another thing I should mention is this feature, where if you are about to fall to your sudden doom, or walk into something crazy, you can pop this bubble (kind of like a WoW Paladin bubble) that renders you immune to everything. You float around while shaking the Wii remote to hover near your teammate, who can pop you out with a spin. If one of you dies, you also float back into the screen the same way until your extra lives run out. Something sadly funny is the actual death sound in the game. It's like this "doou do." very quick sound. Lava? Doou do. Holding a shell too long? Doou do. This is a basic overview of the highly embarrassing, hilarious, and shameful things to come:

7:40 PM: I hum the Mario tune repeatedly in almost a rhythmic trance, as I watch the intro. I bet Princess Peach is on three anti-anxiety meds by now, seriously she cant even go to the bathroom without a risk of abduction.

8 PM: I discover that you can use the bubble feature to avoid a mistake and point that out to my boyfriend by showing him. He then proceeded to try it. Apparently if all party members become bubbled, it's a game over. A silhouette of Bowser pops onto the screen mocking us. This three seconds into the whole game.

8:30 PM: I'm yelling "PARKOUR!!" as I discover another thing, that you can bounce off of the walls Prince of Persia style, effectively avoiding a nasty encounter with lava below.

8:31 PM: I parkoured my brother into lava. Doou do. This was two screens from the boss room.

9 PM: (We are still in the first world.) Discover that this game has unlimited continues. During a timed obstacle, I accidentally push my boyfriend into a spiky block, as he was jumping off my head, which pushed me down and knocked me into spiky block. We run out of lives, and get a "Game Over". We then are given another continue and 5 lives as Mario voices "I'ma back!", which naturally I repeat.

9:30 PM: I find those special blocks where vines grow out and lead to special shiny coin areas. I jumped on top of it and stomped however, resulting in the vine growing down into the earth. Fail.

10 PM: Boss down, and we raise our hands for sweaty high-fives. We finally make it to the second world. This is about three continues each later.

10:20 PM: Doou do. Wii remote kisses the carpet violently.

10:30 PM: We find these barrels that you can pick up and throw at mobs. My brother gets one and runs over to throw it at the boomerang tossing guy, which resulted into him accidentally killing me, as apparently a thrown barrel tossed by your partner is sudden death, but a volley of "fire flower" balls does not. I am out of lives. He gets distracted by my death, in addition to the 1UP from the block, and gets hit with a boomerang. A collective sigh is heard.

10:35 PM: We load up Modern Warfare 2, and take out our aggression.

Although most of the fails were our doing, some of them were total crap, and left me overly frustrated at times. It was boggling my mind how this game was marketed for children when my brother gave a good point, that as we get older we tend to over analyze everything, and kids see things more simplistic. The next time we play, I will clear my mind of all the Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2 complexities, and reach a level of nerdvana. It is only then, will I be able to conquer it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Am I Thankful For?

Sometimes I just like to make it fast and easy.

(That sounded....wrong...)

Anyway, you know what tomorrow is and -- considering I hope to be half drunk and passed out much of the day -- I figured I'd better do this while I was still conscious. ;-)

I'm thankful for...
  • Entertainment Earth being a great place to work and giving me a heck of a lot of room to play and work.
  • my family.
  • all of the people I've met through this crazy thing called "social media" and who helped me find my way around.
  • every person who follows on Twitter, reads this blog or Facebook (or FriendFeed or Tumblr) and pays attention to a word I say. 
  • the people in my life who love me and who let me love them.

So, thanks for being around, thanks for being a friend and thanks for being amazing.

::kiss:: GGD

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lusting After Cedric? Moi?

What is it with me and pretty boys today?

But, seriously. The pics just came out for the new Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Mini Bust by Gentle Giant and I had that moment...the one where you just sort of stop and stare and drool a bit?

Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Mini Bust

It's wrong to say, I'm sure, but I lusted after Cedric Diggory. He was sweet, he was adorable and he was an all around good guy.

There's a lot of talk about RPatz in Twilight, but I say "meh". Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward.

Team Cedric FTW ;-)

Oh, Adam Lambert, You Cause Me Glee!

I'm not sure if this is a strike for or against me, but I'm going to say it.

I now officially love Adam Lambert.

This has to be one of the coolest covers for a single in a long time.

And it doesn't seem to stop there. Apparently his media team decided that they're going to promote the hell out of his over the top, flamboyant awesome and I -love- it.

Maybe it's because I'm still a bit sad that he waited until Idol was over to "come out" (as if we didn't know) because he was worried what people might think (that still amazes me!) if there was an openly gay person on Idol (No, Seacrest doesn't count! ::duck::).

But, either way -- it's out now. He's gone completely over the top and he's frakkin' David Bowie/Freddy Mercury/Glam Rock/gender bending sexy!

Oh and, he's already pushing boundaries. Seems he went and kissed a boy on the AMA's last night and liked it ;-) (If you're looking, check around 3:27. The keyboard player gets it! Thanks Mashable for the heads up.) Not to mention, this is one HELL of a performance. Britney and Madonna would be proud!

On a side note, is it strange that I had this thought that Kurt Hummel might be an Adam Lambert waiting to happen? ::grin::

And before the Glee fans come out in force to kill me, don't tell me Kurt wouldn't LOVE it.

p.s. Someone, anyone, PLEASE, photoshop me a pic of a Lambert-ized Kurt so I can prove my point?

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm a Geek! Fully Tested ;-)

Just when I forgot how to find this, Liz over at The Park Bench (awesome blog and if you're not reading FIX that!) posted the Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test.

I've taken it before, however, I figured take it again and post my results as proof of my "Geek Cred"

Your result for The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test...

Pure Geek

39 % Nerd, 78% Geek, 9% Dork

For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Geek, earning you the title of: Pure Geek.

It's not that you're a school junkie, like the nerd, and you don't really stand out in a crowd, like the dork, you just have some interests that aren't quite mainstream. Perhaps it's anime, perhaps it's computers, perhaps it's bottlecaps, perhaps it's all of those and more. Your interests take you to events and gatherings that are filled with people you find unusual and beyond-the-pale, but you don't quite consider yourself "of that crowd." Instead, you consider yourself to be fairly normal.

Which, you are.

Congratulations! You're the one on the RIGHT!

Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST
Take The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test at OkCupid

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seems @stephenfry & I are 2 halves of a whole - and he has a great rack!

Why do I love the internet?

Accidental art courtesy of @CleverUserName's tweetstream.

Tweeted 11/18/2009 15:23

@CleverUserName: @geekgirldiva I'm not going to be able to look at you or @stephenfry the same way again.

Need I say more?

I'm Crying Like A Total -Girl- and It's All Your Fault!

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I love my job at Entertainment Earth and that I think I have pretty darn cool bosses. But, today... I've actually started crying twice.

Because I'm having what has to be the best day of my work life and I cry when I'm happy.

I blame you.

When I started here 4 1/2 years ago, I had this idea. I thought it would be neat if there was some place on the EE site targeted to geek girls like me. It was just this thought and something I thought would be cool, but it wasn't something I really talked about at the time.

Today that thought is a reality.

Not only is there an entire section on the Entertainment Earth website dedicated to Geek Girls, but there's a link on the Entertainment Earth front page, a news story, new geek girl targeted affiliate banners and even a press release about me.

And, know what I keep thinking?

That, while it's great and all, the only reason it exists is because of people who read this blog or my tweets or visit the EE site. Or who took the time to help me out along the way (you know who you are and I appreciate it more than you know, but I'll totally get gushy if I have to name names and then I'll cry AGAIN!)

So, yeah. You people made me cry.

Happy? ;p

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Can Be A TaunTaun and A Sister Of Battle In One Weekend!

I could say that I was all about original content, but sometimes you just have to post things other people have posted because they are just THAT cool.

First - what has to be the coolest Star Wars costume ever made.

There's also a video!

Posts and more detail via Great White Snark

But, there's more. Because Topless Robot posted this AMAZING Sister Prayer/Sister of Battle outfit from Warhammer 40K. If there was ever a costume I wanted, this would be in the top 5 for sure. Make sure you click through to check out TR because there are more images there.

There are days I wish I had a spec of crafting talent. ::le sigh::

Friday, November 13, 2009

An Open Letter To Infinity Ward Re: Chat Options in MW2

An open letter, originated at All Things Fangirl and re-posted as a Geek Girl, Gamer and woman. If you feel so inclined, please repost this letter in your own blog and spread the word?

Dear Infinity Ward:

Please release a patch or fix that will allow users to utilize party chat in all modes of online gameplay, if only for the sake of your female fans. We shelled out the money for the game, we stayed up all night and missed half a day of work playing it, we write and read reviews and buy MW2 caps for our avatars on the XBox Live marketplace.

Out of respect for us, since, sadly, the majority of the people who play your game online have none, give us back party chat so we can enjoy the wonderful evolution of the online play without being told how unwelcome, ugly, stupid, and useless for anything other than degrading sexual acts we are. Please give us back party chat so we can have tactical conversation with the friends we're playing with, without having to hear how we have no right to be there, no right to play; so we don't have to hear, out of the mouths of sexist, bitter virgins who have clocked months worth of their lives in game time that we are socially defunct and sexually wrong, somehow, for playing.

I would really appreciate it.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dollhouse Closed

I know I'm asking for the inevitable backlash, but I'm just gonna say it.

Dollhouse sorta deserved it.

And this is coming from a diehard Browncoat and Whedon fan.

But, let's be real a sec. This wasn't the "Fox curse". Fox actually gave Dollhouse more of a shot than I believe it deserved -- likely BECAUSE of the Firefly cancellation backlash and resulting popularity if the series.

Personally, I stopped watching the show during the first season for one reason. I think Joss copped out and shifted his show focus because of the way the early episodes were received and out of fear that the show would get axed before it ever got off the ground.

When I first started watching, Dollhouse felt...uncomfortable as a concept. Here was this world in which people were property. Willingly (or for their own reasons) giving up their identities to become a company asset and used for whatever purpose the company deigned necessary without having to deal with any residual guilt or memory of the event.

People being used for whatever purpose, with no memory or guilt -- and a company profits. Experimentation without limit, on human beings and it's just a day to day occurrence.

Now, that was interesting to me. Orwellian and thought provoking and, like those of us that saw the dismantling of Summer Tam as something a government would do if they could -- grossly fascinating.

But, in my opinion, the show shifted focus and I lost interest. It stopped feeling creepy and just started feeling like another week of "Here goes Eliza and what is she wearing this week."

But that can get old. Quickly. And once you've seen one episode and you know how it goes, why do you come back to watch again?

Go watch "Once More With Feeling" and ask yourself if Echo ever touched you anywhere near as deeply as Buffy did discussing something as out there as being pulled back from Heaven for the (second, third, fourth I forget?) time?

Joss works best when he has his characters dealing with the repercussions of their actions, even when the circumstances are utterly out there.

When you hold Dollhouse up to that standard, does it really measure up?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wizard of Oz: Apocalypse - Now Casting.

Through the magic and beauty of the Twitter/Tumblr random rt tumbl of Zeblue, came this amazing image done by the fabulous Daily Cow.

Not only does this need to be a movie, but I think we need an entire dream cast. Come on, internet. Be awesome.

Casting suggestions for (and if you choose CGI for anyone, please mention voice cast please?):

Tin Man
Cowardly Lion
The Wizard
The Wicked Witch (edit: I had a question of if the witch is alive. But,'s a sequel. You know how that goes. Zombie Witch perhaps?)

if you have more...heck, go for it ::grin::

(Oh, once upon a time I used to know how to write a "breakdown" but my days in casting have long passed.)


One of those days where I have the headset on because the phones are a bit crazed. (Never a bad thing at EE, so I'm not complainin') So, while I can't write anything major, I still wanted to write.

Question then became, what do you write when you want to write but have no idea what you want to say or what you want to write about. Then, add the concept that you may have to stop at any point because of a call -- which means you can't get too in depth without losing your flow.

See, it just happened.

Phone rang and SQUIRREL!


What do you do when this happens to you?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Slave Leia Pic is the "Two Hotness"

This has been making the rounds (gee I wonder why) and I just wanted to blog it so I had it nicely tucked away in an easily searchable accessible place.

Am I the only one hoping someone decides to try and recreate this at SDCC '10?

My thanks to Topless Robot, SuperPunch and everyone else who kept this gorgeous pic up on my comp screen this week ;-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

They Lost My Bobbleheads!

I know it's an evil thought. But I'm sure the Lost fans will appreciate it.

I wanna know if it's possible to get these things to bobble in "WTF!?" fashion? That way, you can set them up to do it for you when you're watching the show and save yourself the whiplash?

Heh. Did I say that? Oh well. I think they're pretty cool ;-)

Lost Daniel Faraday Bobble HeadLost Richard Alpert Bobble HeadLost Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobble Head

Click the images if you wanna see more. I just wanted to be a goober. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GGD Writing Challenge - Play With Me?

Today's writing challenge request is for totally selfish reasons. I'm feelin' cranky today and good writing always makes me feel better.

As this is a semi-regular thing, I'll just link you to the writing tag and let you get aquainted if you're not familiar. And check back to read the responses. I'm always blown away.


Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Release
Phrase:"I'm not saying you have to like it."
Image: A shattered mirror

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens) And please feel free to invite others. ;*

Friday, October 30, 2009

CNBC Finds The Sugar Daddy Ken "Fascinating"

I swear I'm not Ken obsessed! But...but...this is so dang cool!

First I was shocked at the news that Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken. Then a Mattel company spokeswoman clarified to the New York Post:

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

Well, Jane Wells over at CNBC's Funny Business may have just written the best last 3 lines of any blog post and, at the same time, proven herself a geek girl extraordinaire!

Yer gonna have to read it. I'm not gonna spoil it (and no fair skipping to the end!)

Funny Business :) with Jane Wells - Barbie's Sugar Daddy?

If this thing hits the Today Show, I may just die.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

GGD Writing Challenge - Thursday Play

This has become a semi-regular thing, so I'll just link you to the writing tag and let you get aquainted if you're not familiar.


Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Perfection
Phrase:"The last time this happened..."
Image: A flickering lightbulb

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

p.s. As always, tell a friend and read the comments ;-)

Mattel Spokeswoman Comes Out To Talk Sugar Daddy Ken!

If you've been reading, you know I was somewhat shocked at the news that Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken. (As a child of the 70's, I thought Barbie earned that plane the old fashioned way, right?)

Well, I can rest easy. A Mattel company spokeswoman clarified to the New York Post:

"And before anyone thinks the "Sugar Daddy" title refers to an older man with a younger lover, Mattel says that there's a much more innocent explanation.

"The little dog's name is actually Sugar," said the Mattel spokeswoman. "That's where the name comes from. He's Sugar's daddy, as a reference to the dog."

Remember the Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken? Click if you need a refresher:

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

Well, that makes much more sense, right?

Mattel also went on to explain that "The 'Sugar Daddy' Ken was created thanks to popular demand from Mattel's Barbie adult enthusiasts, who wanted a Ken doll that could hold his own as part of the already popular Barbie Fashion Model Collection"

Something tells me this is the closest Mattel may ever come to saying what we're all thinking.

And I say, good on Mattel for being...out spoken and fabulous with this new Ken.

...even if I DO question his fashion sense. I mean, lime GREEN?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real Men Of Genius: Mal vs.Castle

I was talking to one of my geek guy friends who, while he loved Firefly, just can’t seem to get his head around the idea of watching Castle. He watched an episode or two and didn’t decide to go back again.

Know what I said?

“Go back and watch it again.”

Which got me thinking. Watching Castle was a no-brainer for me. Once I became a Fillion fan, I watched anything he was in, because he was in it. I know that’s more a fan thing, or maybe a female thing (c’mon, the man is adorable).

But I wanted to see it happen.

I wanted to see that moment when someone figured out how to use Nathan Fillion as well as Joss ever did. Maybe (dare I blaspheme) even better?

When I first heard the Castle premise, I worried. Major network? Crime show? WTF? Cue the mutter: Here we go again with them putting this charming, funny, quirky leading man into something that’s just not gonna fit, but fine I’ll watch cause it’s what I do.

I’ll even admit, I watched the first episode and it didn’t click right away. But, it was cute and had Nathan and the writing was good enough and so, sure, I watched again.

After all, any show needs time and a little love. Actors need to find rhythms. Writers need to find voices. Characters need to develop. We live in an immediate society. Giving things “time” isn’t something we may always do these days. Especially when we tweet, IM, write email and whathaveyou while watching, right?

Now -  let me tell you why I think Richard Castle may be the best Nathan Fillion role to date.

Rick Castle is man.

BTW, here’s where the women reading are likely nodding along. I promise, I’ll explain for anyone who doesn’t get what I mean.

Malcolm Reynolds was a space cowboy. Rugged, mercenary, flawed, damaged, charming and he had “a past”. He had been a soldier. He’d seen more in his life than most people ever would. He’d loved and lost, commanded and failed. He’d been betrayed by a government he’d sworn to protect.

He also didn’t know how to say “I love you”, “I’m sorry” or “I screwed up” unless someone was literally holding a gun to his head!

Women love Malcolm Reynolds. Of course we do. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night “in his bunk”.

He’s unattainable and women love a good chase, but once we had him, then what? Strap on a gun? Deal with the constant “Will he or won’t he”? Resist the urge to smack him upside the head every time he got himself into some mess because he was just too stubborn to admit he couldn’t handle?

Mal’s one of those guys – that wounded and stubbornly vulnerable guy men want to be and women want to tame.

But he’s not real.

Now Richard Castle. Let’s look at him a moment.

He’s smart, funny, successful, twice* divorced. Has a daughter. He’s a writer. Likes to throw a good party and has a wicked sense of humor. No huge demons in his past. No intergalactic battles. No loan sharks after him.

Boring? Hardly.

He’s just a guy, living his life. He’s fallen into a partnership with a lady detective because she inspires and challenges him. She makes him think.

But – here’s the thing. When the bullets start flying, the man has the brains to duck. Because he knows he’s human and has a daughter and because he values his own life. He knows he’s got something to live for.

And, likely my favorite moment of any episode so far, involved Castle and his daughter after his curiosity took him a bit further into Beckett’s past then he was invited or allowed to go.

His daughter Alexis is hurt after being stood up by her boyfriend, who made a fake excuse instead of telling her the truth. Just a daughter to her dad, she asks him “Why do boys act like that? Why can’t they just say they’re sorry?”

And Castle, after doing the dad thing, making his daughter feel better, finds Beckett and does just that.

It’s one of the best pieces of acting I’ve ever seen. It was touching, human and totally believable.

It was real.

So, before you decide that Rick Castle may not be as exciting as Mal. Look at it this way…

Mal’s cool and all, and I’m always gonna love him.

But Rick Castle is the man.

*thanks to @sparrowwritings for catching that. ::grin:: I need an editor. ;-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sugar Daddy Ken!? Barbie, You Saucy Minx!

Okay, okay. Hold on a sec. I'm...what?!

When I was a kid, Barbie had a Plane and a Camper and a Dreamhouse. Barbie had all the clothes she could ever need, she could wear heels and have a huge rack and not fall over -- I mean, she was a superwoman!

I thought she did it by herself. I thought she bought that Corvette and Jeep with her own money doing whatever it was Barbie did...

But, the truth is out.

Someone call Perez Hilton or TMZ!

Turns out Barbie has a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken!

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

Click it. You have to...I...look at the DOG!

What do you say? Really?

There's even a Barbie Palm Beach childhood. It burns me precious.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Dances! 5K Winners Announced!

It took a week, a lot of help and the addition of cool prizes from some of my fave people on Twitter -- but the 5K challenge has been met and conquered!

What does that mean?

Well, winners, of course ;-)

I have to say thank you one more time. When my boss made the challenge and I was about 700 away, I almost fainted.

But you came through and I got to walk into his office and do a happy dance of epic proportion. ;-)

So, kisses, love and all that stuff!! (man, I need a blink tag of kisses here!)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Edward Cullen Just Joined My Race For 5K

quick notes:

1) If you're already following me, you're included. Cause, if you follow me, you're already helping me hit 5K.
2) For those of you who may covet one prize over the other -- yeah, I have a plan for that.

I'm at 4701. The Boss challenged me to hit 5K followers and, in an effort to make this last 300 the home stretch, I talked him into giving me one of these:

Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

Help me get to 5K followers on Twitter (@geekgirldiva)and you could win:
  • A 100.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate.
  • Movies from @scottEweinberg and @cinematical - FRIDAY THE 13th '80, the brand-new (and hard to find) HARDWARE, and a third DVD to be chosen by Scott AND winner.
  • A brand new pair of Gunnars.*
  • The Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll (A $140.00 value!)
Not to mention, you'll have my "undying" affection ;-). (see what I did there?)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Race For 5K just got a LOT More Interesting.

The lovely @GUNNARSjem just added a new pair of Gunnars to the prize pool.

Considering I wear mine daily, I can tell you they're a fantastic addition ;-)

So, as of today I'm at 4638.

Help me get to 5K followers on Twitter (@geekgirldiva)and you could win:
  • A 100.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate.
  • Movies from @scottEweinberg and @cinematical - FRIDAY THE 13th '80, the brand-new (and hard to find) HARDWARE, and a third DVD to be chosen by Scott AND winner.
  • A brand new pair of Gunnars.*
  • And my eternal gratitude -- because I'll be able to tell my boss I won the bet ;-).

*GUNNAR Optiks eyewear is specifically designed for gamers and those who passionately live the digital lifestyle. i-AMP lens technology improves visual performance, relieves eyestrain and reduces optical fatigue for those who spend extended periods of time in front of a computer or television screen. Whether they’re intended for an FPS, MMO or casual player, GUNNAR glasses will increase the overall comfort and performance for the pro and proficient gamer alike.”

And, just to show you my sassy pair;-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

5K? Oy to the Vey!

If you missed it, Friday my boss and I were discussing the power of social media (and if it works) and, in my attempt to explain it, he challenged me to hit 5K followers. Considering I was at 4300 at the time, I visibly paled.

Well, here's the update: - I'm now at 4601, I'm in awe of people as a whole and -- thanks to Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) from Cinematical, we have more cool stuff to give away.

Help me get to 5K followers on my @geekgirldiva account and you could win:
  • A 100.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate.
  • FRIDAY THE 13th '80, the brand-new (and hard to find) HARDWARE, and a third DVD to be chosen by Scott AND winner.
  • And the knowledge that I get to run into my bosses office and do a happy dance.

Oh and, y'know, you could follow Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) and Cinematical (@cinematical). ::grin:: I mean...cause they're sort of awesome.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Drag Me To The Army Of 5K?

I must be living right.

Thanks to Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) from Cinematical, we now have a "prize package"

So, here's the update:

Help me get to 5K followers on my @geekgirldiva account and you could win:
  • A 100.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate.
  • FRIDAY THE 13th '80, the brand-new (and hard to find) HARDWARE, and a third DVD to be chosen by Scott AND winner.
  • And the knowledge that I get to run into my bosses office and do a happy dance.
::grin:: You folks are really amazing.

The Race for 5K?

During a chat with my boss this morning, we got on the subject on Twitter and how "things were going" as far as social media.

See, when I started this whole thing back in January, I was a noob when it came to most of the online/social media stuff and so I set about learning as much as I could. Over the last 10 months, I've met some amazing people and I've had an awesome time.

But I've never never really had a way to prove whether or not anything I was doing was actually, you know, working. I just have this sense that I'm doing things "right" and I go about my business trying to be as open, honest, generous and quid pro quo as possible any time people throw a little love my way.

In all of my time on Twitter, I've never done any kind of follower push for myself. I've helped other people, sure, but I never really had a magic number I wanted to hit so I never asked.

That was until this morning when my boss challenged me to hit 5000 followers.

(If you know me at all, you won't be surprised that I audibly "eeped!")

However, I was able to wrangle a 100.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate as a prize. *And yes, any of my followers can win it, not just the new ones.

That helps a bit, I hope. ;-) See?

So, yeah, the goal is 5K followers on my @geekgirldiva account.

He thinks I can't do it. ::grin:: Shall we prove him wrong? ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking IMDB? Me?

I need someone to pay me to be a walking IMDB.

I saw this picture of John C. Reilly in Vampire's Assistant (Yes, I added the C in my head as I recognized him.)

And immediately thought to myself...

"Whoa, he looks like Paul L. Smith as Rabban in Dune"

I need a life...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tag A Diva, Win A Prize!

When I posted my GeekGirlDiva tagline "contest", it really started as a giggle. But, once the entries started coming in on Twitter, I decided to make it official and post it on the blog along with a prize. I even enlisted an outside source for the judging to it would be official and stuff!

So…::drumroll please:: we have a winner!

@kristenmchugh22 won herself a $25.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate with this entry:

"GeekGirlDiva: Because life's more fun *her* way."

Honorable mentions went to:

@Cynraven "GeekGirlDiva: Geek Done Write!!**"
@CleverUserName "GeekGirlDiva: This is my tagline"
@jeditigger "The absinthe of women: turns your worm to wood and lets you see things you never knew existed."
@greymous "Ingredients: Whatever I want them to be. Deal with it!"

I have to say, you guys made this a lot more fun than I ever thought it was going to be and thanks so much for having an awesome sense of humor.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Contest: I'm Not a Narcissist, You People Are Just Brilliant!

I mused on Twitter earlier that: "I think I should come with a tagline. I just don't know what it should be." and, next thing I knew the replies started coming in. ::grin::

Here's what I discovered. You people are way more clever than I could ever hope to be. And, while I was kidding, I think we should have a little fun.

So, what would the GeekGirlDiva tagline be?

I have a $25.00 gift certificate for Entertainment Earth.

My favorite tagline wins. ;-)

Making Monday Interesting, Hopefully.

Let's make Monday a little more interesting. ::grin::

The GGD writing challenge. Up to it? Need a reference? Previous challenges are here and here.

Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Clarity
Phrase:"I've never been intentionally malicious."
Image: A red blinking voicemail indicator.

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

p.s. As always, tell a friend and read the comments ;-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Get $10 off orders of $50.00 or more at Entertainment Earth? Yes!

I like when I can make cool things happen ;-)

(My fave part of this? The items don't have to be in stock. You can use this for pre-order. Can you say "holiday shopping"?)

Entertainment Earth
is taking $10.00 off orders of $50.00 or more now through Sunday October 11, 2009. Just enter promo code EETWEET10 at checkout to get the discount.  

Click here to order from Entertainment Earth!

Details: Offer valid on new orders placed from the Entertainment Earth web site between October 9, 2009 and October 11, 2009. Order must total $50 before shipping and tax. This offer cannot be used with any other offer. Offer may be modified or cancelled at any time. This offer does not apply to EE Distribution orders.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Punky Steamy Gothy!

Within the last 5 years or so, I've fallen in love with Goth and Steampunk fashion.

But, let's be honest. It's not always easy to put together an outfit. Especially if you're still new to the scene.

Well, I've found a way to play dress up, do my mixing and matching and have a lot of fun all at the same time.

Annie Stegg has put together an amazing little game called Clockwork Couture: A steampunk dress up doll game.

Oh, and if you prefer Pirates, she also has Polka Dot Pirate

Yeah, prepare to watch your time disappear ;-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Think I Flash These For Just Anyone? O.o.

If you're watching your Twitter feed, you'll notice a lot of cleavage. But, lest you think people you've been assaulted by pr0nbots, allow me to explain.

Thanks to the creative minds over at Boobie Wednesday, those avatars are a fun (and informative) way to raise money and Breast Cancer awareness. Did you know it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

This one's easy for me. The gals in my family have been prone to D cups and cancer. And, I don't know about you, but I'd like to make sure my D's never met the big C. ;-)

So, do something for me. Take a sec to read the intro post here. Then make a cleavage avatar and start posting. Oh, and guys? You can play along.

You know you love 'em, so show your support for the boobies!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flirtation: Nature or Nurture?

You may not believe this, but I'm a notorious flirt.

(Yes, this is me pausing for anyone who knows me at all - while you wipe the screen from the resulting spit-take)

Anyway, I am. It's just part of my personality. If it lives, I'm liable to flirt with it. Men, women, fictional characters, trees, inanimate obj--er, well, you get my point.

Truth is, I do it without really thinking and, for the longest time, I didn't even realize it was flirtation. I just thought I was intrigued by people and, as a by-product, enjoyed them. Making them smile. Making them feel good.

As I got older and gained a better idea of what flirtation was, I started making distinctions between when it might be more platonic vs. sexual/sensual -- but it still doesn't mean that I don't toss the double entendres or suggestive glances and laughter with people I'm 100% friends with.

I've been lucky in my life when it comes to my flirtatious nature. My friends understand it. No one really takes it all that seriously.

Most importantly, the men in my life have always been understanding and, when I get really lucky, enjoy that side of my personality.

If I had to take a guess, I think it's because they always seem to know that, nomatter how much I flirt, I'm going home with them. So, they can lean back against the bar and watch me work a room with a small contented smile. I get to enjoy flirting and they get to enjoy me flirting and it all works out brilliantly.

So, now you have an idea of what sort of experience I have when it comes to my personal view of flirting.

(Pausing a second before the next section- This is geek specific for a couple reasons. 1) I'm attracted to geeks, so flirting with them is more fun for me. 2) Since I tend to spend much of my time in the company of geeky/nerdy/techy types, I'm more familiar with them)

Second thing I've noticed: Geeks flirt. And some of them are -really- good at it.

However, and here's the ponder, I've gotten more than one comment over the years that their significant others don't like it when they flirt.

Personally, I don't understand that. It's always seemed to me that, the more someone didn't let me be myself, the more I'd rebel. The more someone was insecure about how I felt about them, the more likely I was to find them needy or clingy.

But the more freedom I was allowed to express myself, the more loved and supported and sexy I felt. The more I was trusted, the more secure I felt.

The more I'm loved for who I am, the more in love I am with the guy in my life.

Just makes sense in my mind.

Oh, let me clarify a few things -- there are rules and there are boundaries and if I cross those, then I deserve whatever consequences I've earned. I know what's out of bounds. If I don't, I ask.

And you can bet that any time the boy wants me by his side at the bar, I'll cheerfully smile at whatever pretty thing I'm talking to and head on over.

If you're in love with someone who flirts well, why would you not let them flirt?

I was thinking about it, so I figured, why not ask?

Is It Time Yeti?

I've seen Sasqwatch! I have no words. Besides, no one ever believes you when you spot these guys.

But I have pictures!

Someone call the Weekly World News!

Sasqwatch Pink Watch Sasqwatch Evergreen Watch Sasqwatch Black Watch Sasqwatch Brown Watch

Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blogger: Probing Voyagers

by Josh

A toast to the technology and foresight of the Voyagers

I'm a NASA nut. Not the pensive, slow moving, budgetarily restrained organization of today, but the horn-rimmed short-sleeve-wearing smoking crew from the 1960s and 70s. They kicked out machinery that's still in use today, and it's high time we honor a few of their cooler inventions. Namely, those two far-out bretheren we call the Voyager probes.

Whether you're a fan of the slower, yet more well-versed Voyager 2, or it's pioneering, faster sibling Voyager 1, the two little craft are still out there, hurtling towards the unknown in opposite directions, occasionally sending back tidbits of data to the horn-rimmed denizens of NASA.

I've always felt a kinship with the Voyager program — maybe it was because they were launched when I was just a kid, or maybe it's because, like me, they're destined to keel over and die around 50.

The little probes were incredibly advanced at the time, although the equivalent technology (then the size of a Fiat) is now pretty much free with activation and a two-year contract. Each sported a camera (technically, a wide- and narrow-angle) and a triple-core processor running at a whopping 6.4MHz. For comparison, you hipsters with new iPhones are running 600MHz processors. Data was transmitted at a whopping 160 bits per second (my 1984 Commodore 64 modem transmitted at roughly twice that).

The one thing Voyager 1 and 2 did have going over today's technology was battery life. Each was powered by two small nuclear generators, and each has a functional power span of about 50 years. (Think about that next time you forget to plug your phone in.)

Of course, most people breeze past the technical details to get to the sexy, which in this case, is a gold record containing pictures and sounds from Earth. The Sagan-designed device was pretty thoughtful at the time, although the medium hasn't aged gracefully. Hoping aliens will figure out how to play the record is asking a lot, considering most of Earth has long since lost the knowledge and ability to spin vinyl.

Whether they're picked up by alien DJs or not, Voyager 1 is currently the farthest man-made object from home, and is now long past the solar system's bodies, somewhere in the heliosphere (sort of like a giant cell membrane).

Neither probe is unlikely to approach another planetary system for 40,000 years, but, as Carl Sagan said, "“The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced spacefaring civilizations in interstellar space. But the launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life on this planet.”

Josh is the founder of — a gestalt site for geeky lovers of movies, games, role playing, and pop culture. During his day job, he's a newspaper guy, and has done a pretty convincing job of fooling everyone else into thinking he's a non-nerdy, normal member of society.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wednesday Writing Challenge ;-)

I love that I can say this is back by request!

The GGD writing challenge. Up to it? Need a reference? Previous challenges are here and here.

Starting points are provided below. You can use one or any combination of the three if you like. Whatever works.

Word: Muse
Phrase:"You were the first."
Image: A rain-soaked cobblestone street.

You write whatever you like using that starting point and see what comes. (Note, no rules on length, content, whatever. Just see what happens)

p.s. Tell a friend and make sure to read the comments. I'm always amazed by how good these are.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dudes In Dresses FTW!

Whitney over at Pop Candy pondered earlier today that, while she was looking forward to seeing Jude Law in drag in Sally Potter's new film "Rage", it wasn't quite what she was hoping for. Still, the mention of Law in drag sent me over to check out the story she did on her Pop Candy blog.

I'll have to admit, I agree. Especially when you consider that Eddie Izzard and John Leguizamo both appear in this film and both look better in drag than Law does.

So, I got to thinking. Got a fave guy in drag? ::grin:: I have a few.

My top 5:

1) Eddie Izzard - well, ever. He's a phenomenal Executive Transvestite. There's no other man I'd rather see in lipstick and heels.

2) The entire cast of "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". Admit it, Terrence Stamp is flawless. And, yeah people, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. In drag. Too awesome.

3) John Leguizamo in "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar". Chi Chi, you are so much more than a little Latino boy in a dress.

4) A Tie for me: John Lithgow in "The World According To Garp" and Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie" When you make me forget you're a man...Is there anything these men can't do?

5) Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick in RHPS. First of all, Tim Curry is beyond gorgeous -- and I still gasp at how amazing Barry Bostwick's leg looks during the Floor Show and Rose Tint My World...::purr!::

Got some I missed? Enlighten me so I can check them out ;-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Living Dead In Wonderland?

I generally save the fangirl toy/collectable gushing for the EE Blog and my Monday Squee, but I saw this and I had to post it up.

Living Dead Dolls Alice in Wonderland Dolls Set

Living Dead Dolls decided to take on the Alice in Wonderland Dolls theme and I think they pretty much nailed it.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boobie Wednesday: Flashing Cleavage For A Cause ;-)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been known to post a pic or two of my cleavage from time to time. Heck, I even went so far as to have @feliciaday sign my cleavage at SDCC because I knew it would make people grin.

I know the power of the girls and I'm not afraid to use them for fun. But I also like to use them for the forces of good and so I've jumped on the Boobie Wednesday bandwagon.

Boobie Wednesday is a fun (and informative) way to increase Breast Cancer awareness and help support the cause.

Not to mention, it's super easy! Take a sec to read the intro post here. Then make a cleavage avatar and start posting. Oh, and guys? You can play along. I doubt anyone'll object ;-)

The girls and I thank you. ;*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Is By Will Alone I Set My Mind In Motion.

Want to know how to get me really excited?

Use these words in a sentence: Brad Dourif.

I'm wandering through my reading and come across this story about Priest mentioning that Mr. Dourif and Christopher Plummer are joining the cast? Yeah, I clicked. That's how easy I am.

::grin:: You have to understand, I love Paul Bettany, and vampire movies are also a draw. But I've just let this one dance along on the edges of my conscious, until today. Because of Brad Dourif. ::purr::

It's the hand movements he tossed into his Piter DeVries. The sweet pained innocence of Billy Bibbit? The surety that we all have upon seeing him in Alien 3 that he's up to no good and yet, just delighting in watching him coo at the alien baby before it eats his face.

He's one of those rare and awesome Hollywood character actors. One of Those Guys. You know, the one you sort of point to and snap and say "oh DUDE, it's that guy! I love him!" But one who's been working longer than people might even know and who geeks like me know by name. (Stephen Tobolowsky, Paul Giamatti and Joe Pantoliano all fall into that category for me, and yeah, I knew who Joey Pants was WAY before Matrix ;p )

So, yeah. Brad Dourif? I love you.

::grin:: And I can even scream your name correctly. Just sayin'.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's With The Geek On Geek Violence?

Not sure why it's suddenly bugging me. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just reading through a filter, but bear with me a sec here.

If you're a Fangirl, you likely know about this first one. There's been a flurry of commentary regarding Vaneta Rogers' "Fangirl Invasion" series on Newsarama. Even I got in on it to drop my thoughts on the term "Invasion" and Ms. Rogers replied to the blog post with, what I thought, was a really well reasoned and generous comment. Still, the Fangirls are definitely taking umbrage with the concept that we're either "invading" or that we suddenly decided to like comics this morning -- or that there's been some mass conversion to geekdom thanks to the Twilight franchise.

Now, I get the anger. I do. And I sort of just let it be there because I am, at heart, a fangirl and peeved by the fact that loads of people out there just don't seem to "get it" when it comes to girls in Geekdom.

Then I got asked to check the comments over on this post regarding Halloween costumes at GeekDad. Why not. I commented. I mean, I have an opinion on the subject.

Then I'm wandering around the office and working away and the thought just kept coming back and bugging me.

My observation:

We geeks tend to like making sure we comment to things we think are non-geek friendly. And those comments are often a bit snarky or condescending in some way. It's as if, because we have the ability to dress someone down using the word "Troglodyte" instead of "moron" we are somehow better than the person we're commenting on.

So, what is it? Now that being a Geek is considered cool, why are we suddenly picking on one another? Didn't most of us spend enough time feeling picked on to know how much it sucks? Or are we getting a bit of our own back now that we're not considered social pariahs?

I mean, do I think it's sad that the media thinks women have come to Geekdom solely because of Twilight? Yeah. But do I need to pick on the writer from the comic book website who took the time to write about it? Maybe yes. But maybe I just need find a way to get the word out about what my Geek joys are and make the marketing folks out there realize they have to pick something besides Sparkly vampires to get my attention?

Just seems to me that we've got a lot of pull in a lot of places. Just not sure why we have to go taking shots at one another. Seeing as we're supposed to be on the same side here.

Oh and, for the record - yeah, I know I went to town on the L.A. Times for the SDCC thing. They asked for it. ::grin::

Guest Blogger - Battlestar Galactica: A Better Ending

by Ian Lurie

After 4+ years of barely surviving, brilliant tactics and existential wanderings, the main characters in BSG ended up abandoning all their technology and going native on a primitive earth. The only indication they didn't all get eaten by sabertooth tigers? Hera's fossilized or mummified remains.

Are you kidding me?

They deserved better. Some deserved worse. Here's my version of how the Battlestar Galactica crew should've reached their rewards or punishments:

The Galactica

Face it: She's a character. And I didn't mind her flying into the sunset, literally. But some bit of her should live on.

My ending: They save the jump drives and computer core. At worst, the human race gets to play some epic games of Quake while watching the gazelles leap by.

Lee Adama

Here's a guy who spent the entire series putting himself on the line for everyone else. First as CAG a board the Galactica, then as the commander of the Pegasus (remember his dramatic rescue of the Galactica in season 3?), then as President. He stopped a lynch mob in Baltar's trial, stopped a Cylon suicide team from venting the Galactica to space, and stopped the new President from getting nuked (twice) in the mini-series.

Conservatively, he kicked ass.

So, instead of leaving him abandoned, alone, with no internet access and no flush toilets, can we at least let him finally get together with Starbuck for real? And maybe give him a tent, for christ's sake?

My ending: Lee and Starbuck marry and live in a prefabbed structure on a beautiful stretch of African Veldt. They raise a herd of tough, smart kids of mixed sexual preference who head back to space.


After all she's been through, she just goes poof. POOF. The greatest Viper pilot, Oracle and who-knows-what-else. She Took On All Eight, for heaven's sake.


Starbuck should be at peace, in the real world, with Lee. They were meant for each other. Then, when she gets old, she can vanish to her eternal reward.

Admiral Adama

No one, except perhaps the President, gave more to keep humanity alive. The Adama maneuver (jumping into the atmosphere of New Caprica to break the Cylon blockade in Season 3) is one of the coolest geekgasmic moments in science fiction history.

So he ends up alone on a pile of rocks, weeping for his dead love.

That. Sucks. Ass.

Can he at least get to grow old with his little Starbuck/Apollo grandkids running around him, telling them stories of the great exodus? And maybe having an occasional drink with Tigh?

My ending: He buries Laura Roslin, grieves as you'd expect, then sees his family name live on. At a minimum, he doesn't die alone on what looks like the British Isles, surrounded by nothing but half-evolved monkey men.

Laura Roslin

Actually, I'm not sure what else could've happened. Roslin was the series' Christ figure, doomed to give her life to save humanity.

It was sad, but no ending can be perfectly happy.

Chief Tyrol

Not even sure what to say to this one. Just something better, OK? Make him a Boomer clone that doesn't screw him, or let him see that, in the end, Boomer did the right thing and at least made up for her ill deed a little bit.

Caprica Six

I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic to Caprica Six. But guess what? She helped wipe out billions of people. Then, just to round things out nicely, she helps betray the Cylon race, too.

My ending: She gives her life bravely to give humanity another chance. She certainly doesn't get to live out her days with them.


He's insane. Brilliant, but insane.

My ending: He shacks up with a primitive Australopithecus chick and they make missing links together.

Helo, Athena and Hera

Of all of the fleshy folk, I think these three did OK. But Hera could use some playmates. They should live near Starbuck and Apollo. See above.

Everyone else

Are you really telling me that every single survivor from the fleet went happily to Earth, where most of them would starve or die of disease? I would've been raising my hand: "Excuse me - can we at least bring some shelter and stuff?"

I understand the philosophy behind the ending. But this is about survival, and maybe a little bit of a warm feeling after 'SyFy' cancels the best series they've ever had, thereby dooming us to years of 'Megashark versus Giant Octopus' before Apple buys them for pennies on the dollar to use the channel as a huge App Store.

In the end, the Centurions got the best deal. They got to head out to the stars to rebuild their race. Don't come whining to me when they return and make us their squishy human servants.

About the author: Ian Lurie writes the marketing blog Conversation Marketing, and continually dreams up better endings for suddenly-cancelled series. Coming soon: Why the end of 'Angel' was written by morons. You can also find Ian on Twitter at @portentint


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